Mott’s Medley Fruit Snacks Review and Giveaway

Fruit snacks are a staple food in my house. They are a quick and go snack. We are on the go this summer so these are perfect for us and they are a healthy alternative.

I was thrilled to get the chance to review Mott's Medley Fruit Snacks thanks to My Blog Spark.

About Motts

Mott's as been around since 1842 and was founded by Samuel Mott.. Over the years they have merged with several different companies to become what they are today. They are focused on great taste for their apple based products while making great quality foods for kids and busy moms.

My Review

Of course my son was over the moon to receive these and wanted to try them right away. We received two different kinds of fruit snack flavors. One was all berry and the other was assorted. These are by far the our favorite ones we have tried. They are more of a jellied type fruit snack rather than a gummy type. They are also bigger in size so I think it made my son feel like he was getting more snacks in the package.

What I also love is these fruit snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable juices and give you 100% of the vitamin C you need. They are also gluten free and only 80 calories per package. These have been a lifesaver for us with our busy summer. I just grab some and put in my purse and off we go!

The Giveaway

Mott's is giving FOUR lucky readers a gift pack of Mott's Medley fruit snacks of their own. US Residents only. Ends 7/31/12.


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Disclosure:  The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have all been provided by Mott’s® through MyBlogSpark

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