Goal Setting for Kids

One of the best ways to get children to feel grown up is to let them set goals. When they come to you asking for the next new game or toy ask them to work out a way to get it for themselves.

Ask your child to think of ways they can earn the money for the toy. If pocket money is not part of your parenting plan, perhaps you could work out a way for your child to earn credits or stars. This shows them that they have the power to achieve something they want. It teaches them that if they want something and are willing to work for it then they have a chance of getting it.

    Goal setting is a good way to show your children what is important in life. Often they will clamour for the latest toy but when they get it, it is quickly thrown in the toy box, never to be seen again.
    If the child has to work for a toy, they may decide it is not worth the effort. This gives them an idea of value. They associate an item with a cost. In their case, it is the amount of work they need to do in order to enjoy the toy. When a child has to work for something they often value it far more than if it were just given as a gift.
    When deciding on what the goal is, you need to make it age appropriate. If you have a teenager, you could suggest earning money outside the home. Perhaps friends or neighbours would be happy to pay for gardening or something similar. When the child is very young, you could perhaps suggest ways they could help you around the home. Make sure not to let them charge you for tasks which are expected to be done by the child.
    The best way to approach the goal realization is to help your child develop steps to attaining their goal. Make the steps small enough that they are not overwhelming but try to make them a bit of a challenge. The harder the challenge the more rewarding the accomplishment. Remember too that children are easily distracted and make allowances. They will get better at goal setting.

Goal setting can be a fun and rewarding activity that you both can enjoy. If you do goal setting please comment and tell me what you are doing and how it is going.

Here are some books I am considering for setting goals for my son.

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2 thoughts on “Goal Setting for Kids

  1. That is exactly right and they will also see that whatever they are doing isn’t such a bad thing. It’s about making it fun for the kids.

  2. Its a good initiative to teach a child the value of things in life.

    if the child has done effort to get the toy, he will value it more as compared to when he will get it just like that.

    I really like the concept. Thanks 🙂

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