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Learning Service: Ideas to Get Teens More Involved in the Community

Learning Service Ideas to Get Teens More Involved in the CommunityDo you have a teen who likes to sit at home and watch television or play video games? Get your teenager out of the house and involved in the community with a few simple ideas. It might not be something that pays monetarily, but it will be something your teen will remember for years to come about hard work and service. Many will need these service hours to put on a resume and it will be a great experience for them.


Find Out their Interests

There has to be something that your teen is interested in doing in the community. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, or helping with cleaning up yards, there is something that your teen will enjoy. Talk with them to determine what they enjoy, or are good at such as art or sports, and then base the community service off of those skills so it becomes fun instead of seeming like work. If your teen likes to work with animals, then try to find a shelter where they can volunteer by bathing the animals or shadowing a veterinarian.


Group Projects

Instead of only having your teenager doing the community service, consider inviting other teens in the neighborhood so that there is a group. Not only will this make the work easier, but it will make it more fun when everyone can talk and spend time together while making a difference. A King recycling and waste disposal Inc. center is a great place to go with a group. Everyone can help sort the plastic, paper and other items in the center while learning about protecting the environment.


Prepare the Idea

Explore several options before deciding on the favorites. Is there a service in the community that needs more help than others? Perhaps there is a special walk planned by an organization. Your teen can raise money to donate to the organization and then walk with the group. If there is a big event going on in town have them volunteer to help set up or help with Brampton garbage collection afterward. Talk to the guidance counselor at school to find out what organizations need help in the community.


Show Them What to Do

If your teen sees you sit at home all of the time, then they may be more inclined to do the same thing. Be an example and get out in the community yourself. Volunteer or start a project, and get involved in supporting friends and neighbors. If your teen can see you doing something to make a difference, then they might be willing to join you in the effort. Take the time on the weekend to volunteer at a shelter to serve breakfast or lunch, or help with cleaning yards for the elderly.


Whether you know what your teenager likes to do or not, get creative in finding ways to get him involved in the community. Set an example by doing work yourself. Plan an idea before you get started so that those involved know what to expect.

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