K’Nex Toys- Build With Your Imagination {Review}

I love finding toys that can keep Cooper's mind active. We try to stay away from computer games and tv, or at least limit the time he gets. I was thrilled to receive these two outstanding toys to review from K'Nex Toys

Lincoln Logs

Do you remember these as a kid? I know I sure do. I am thrilled lincoln logs are still around. We received the White River Ranch set to review. Cooper was so excited to start building. He didn't have the most steady hand so there was lots of falling down. Once Daddy helped out he was able to enjoy them.. for a minute. That was until his Captain America and Buzz  stormed the Fort and destroyed it.  I just sat back and laughed but love that he is using his imagination and being creative.

Kid K'Nex Building Set

At first I didn't have a clue as to what this thing was. It was build your own silly monster. It was really neat. The pieces are great for someone that is 4. It was very simple for Cooper to put the pieces together. I think he made a couple different kinds of monsters from the set and I believe Capitan American and Buzz made their appearance again to slay the monster. All I remember see was monster pieces flying and Cooper saying "take that". 

Cooper has had hours of fun with these toys. When his cousins were over I think they had a log and monster building contest. Thanks K'Nex for allowing me to review these toys. I can see plenty of other on your website that he will enjoy as he grows older.


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