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To summarize:
KettleWorx is a program that uses the kettlebell as a tool to deliver Cardio, Core and Resistance all in short 20 minute workouts.  If the customer follows our program for 20 Minutes 3 x a Week, in six short weeks they WILL change their body in a positive way.  We designed it to be simple.     

To start the program, the customer chooses 3 days of the week as their KettleWorx days:     

  • On Day 1 (example Monday) they pop in Cardio and do the Week 1 Workout
  • On Day 2 (example Wednesday) they pop in Core and do the Week 1 Workout
  • On Day 3 (example Friday) they pop in Resistance and do the Week 1 Workout
  • Week 1 is now complete and they have only invested 1 Hour.   5 more weeks/hours to go!

                    Better than AdvertisedI have been working out on and off over the last 15 years, and consider myself in decent shape. I’ve done everything from Tae-Bo on and I was a little skeptical of Kettleworx because it was only 20 minutes long per video. WOW!!!! WAS I WRONG!!!!!! This is by far the BEST WORKOUT PROGRAM I HAVE EVER DONE. I lost over 5 lbs in the first week, and I can only say if you need to get in shape, get Kettleworx. There some quirks about the video, for example, when you get to your second set, it’s a repeat of the video footage from the first set. But don’t let that discourage you, Kettleworx is AWESOME!!!! Get it today, and see AMAZING results tomorrow. – posted by Shawn on 4/2/2010 

    Body by Jake
    I’m a personal trainer and I have tried every workout dvd. If you make the full 6 week comitment , KettleWorx will get you in shape in the comfort of your home. I also like Amy Dixon DVDs too. – posted by Jake on 12/17/2009   

       This is a great video of what the program is. All I can say is I am super jealous! I want this myself! 

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    3. I follow Kettleworx on Twitter (lipstickncandy). This would be perfect for me, I’ve been on a mision to transform my body since the New Year, feeling like I hit a plateau, so I’d love to try this, thanks! 🙂

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