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Eco-Friendly Living Room

Enjoy an Affordable, Eco-Friendly Living Room Makeover

Bringing an old living room into the modern era can be costly, but even more important, redoing the living room can result in wasting natural resources, and this is something that any conscience driven family wants to avoid atEco-Friendly Couch all costs. By thinking carefully about the changes that you want to make and considering purchases from all sides, it is possible to have a lovely new look whilst minimising your environmental impact.

Begin the ecological metamorphosis of the living room by considering the pieces of furniture already in use there. Are there pieces which are still sturdy and structurally sound? If so, several possibilities exist for using them in the new decorative plan. Tables, book shelves, and entertainment centers that are beginning to show wear can be further distressed using a hammer, awl or other sharp instrument. This is a job on which even an older child would enjoy working. Next, remove some areas of paint or stain with a piece of sandpaper or a sander. Then, add a coat of clear sealer to finish the look.

If distressed furniture does not fit your décor, consider covering some of the old furniture with fabrics in colors and designs that you really enjoy. An old end table can take on a completely different personality when covered with an eco-friendly, washable fabric. If you really must replace a table or shelf, consider buying the replacement in bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable material which is used in tables, shelving, and consoles. One hundred percent bamboo items are excellent choices for those seeking to be kind to Mother Earth.

One of the most eco-friendly decorative trends is to use slipcovers on all chairs and couches that still have good springs and foundations. By using slipcovers, you can keep these larger pieces from taking up extra space in the local landfills. Slipcovers come in so many colors and styles that it is easy to use them to create the effect that is needed, and they make the room appear clean and neat. They are available to fit the following types of furniture:

  • Loveseats
  • Recliners
  • Wing Chairs
  • Ottomans

Once these pieces of furniture have been beautified with new covers, it will be time to add some new accent pieces. Several choices are available even for those trying to keep their remodeled room as eco-friendly as possible. Try some of the following ideas:

  • Pillows constructed from recycled materials
  • Flowers which you have dried naturally
  • Changing or recovering the shades on table lamps
  • Adding a rug made from recycled or reclaimed materials or handmade from fabric scraps

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll find the list of ideas is as endless as the imagination. An effort to stay green when making changes around the house can pay off with big dividends for your home, the environment and your budget.

This is a guest post from Caroline Smith. You can read more about eco-friendly decorating using slipcovers for sofas on her website

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