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In Your Hands

Well my cold is about over. Enough at least to get me back to the gym. I am sooooooo mad this week. I gained 3lbs ( you can stop gasping now). 3 is a lot to gain. For that I should be in a food coma. I am so livid. Grant you I didn’t workout nor did I eat the best but I didn’t binge or anything. I had Chineese Monday and I had pizza over the weekend. I also didn’t log my food. So I know what your saying. What did you except your not doing it? I know I am not but 3 I thought maybe 1. Today marks a new WW week for me and I am going to make the best of it. I will get back in the gym tomorrow and at least once if not twice over the weekend. I know people say I have a choice and that I don’t “need” to do anything but I do need to do this. Not only for me but for Cooper. Momma has got to be around the show the ladies the naked photos of him when he was born.

So I hear people say all the time they are just letting God lead them or “putting it in his hands” but what does that really mean? I said that last night after my horrific weigh in. I said “ok God I will put this in your hands and you can prove to me your on my side”  I can’t said God has never done anything for me I mean the dude died for me and all but I honestly don’t feel he is on my side. By saying that am I setting myself up for disappointment? Will anything happen? I can use all the help I can get but  I fear disappointment.  So what does it really mean when you say “I am putting it in your hands”  What do you expect from it?

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3 thoughts on “In Your Hands

  1. Putting it in God’s hands doesn’t mean he does the work for you. Sometimes it means that you have to keep going even when you don’t see results. Just because we don’t see them with our eyes doesn’t mean they’re not there. If you don’t walk the walk you will not get anywhere. You have to follow the program if you want results. Pray when you need extra help, but I’m fairly sure Jesus himself won’t pop in on you and miraculously waive the chinese and pizza. He’s kind of busy. He’s been there a lot for you (and me) we have wonderful kids and hubbys, homes, saving accts., insurance, etc. We need to pray for strength and courage and trust that if we work as hard as we can then good things will happen. It’s not always on our time. Hang in there, get your butt in gear. Drink extra water, pray for help, pray for forgiveness, pray for strength. Have to cut this off. Butts to spank.

  2. Hello? Update? Keep em coming, you’re inspiring even if you’re having a rough time. Plus it doesn’t hurt to be accountable….

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