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Inspiration Tuesday

I had the blessing of attending a Matthew West concert this past week and let me say, FANTASTIC.  Not only did we here some older song but we got to see the stories about the songs on his new album, My Own Little World.  Some broke my heart and he put their pain and happiness into phemonimal words.  

Is your own little world just population me?!? Greater purpose perhaps? Check out this song and listen to the words.


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Karla Urwitz

As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love all things travel. I was in the hospitality business for 15 years and loved it. So why not become a travel agent. So I am trying to find my balance in life through being a parent to a teenager, my love of travel, and living the best life possible. Come join me on this bumpy journey of life.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday

  1. Hi, Karla,
    Great song. Wonderful, inviting blog that had me from the start. I mean, who doesn’t love music and food?

    Increasingly I turn off the news and all of the negativity. I focus on positive things and positive people. That sounds like what you do, too.

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  2. Hi Karla, clever play with your name in the URL also love your header. The words to the song sure got me. Matthew West is not a name I was familiar with but I will now be looking out for it. Thanks

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