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The Dos And Donts Of Naturally Healthy Skin

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Is flawless skin really that much to ask for? You will find that a late night leads to dark circles in the morning, and you’re bound to get a spot or two with an upcoming party or night out. We are too aware of the basic Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer method which for some just doesn’t work. 

We try every new anti-aging cream, sunscreen, and face wash that hits the market. And if oily skin, dead skin, dry skin, and patchy skin weren’t enough we now have to consider whether we have combination skin too.  We are all very willing to try anything available that promises to get us beautiful skin. However, it’s not going to be something that happens overnight. 

The flawless, acne and blemish-free skin that you desire may not always happen but there are things that you can do to help. Below at some of the dos and donts of naturally healthy skin: 

The No.1 Rule

Do: Make sure you always remove your makeup before you hit the sack. Your skin needs to be able to breathe at night, especially if it’s been covered by makeup all day. Leaving in on overnight is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. It clogs the pores and causes blackheads or blemishes. If you don’t have a makeup remover, good old soap and water will do. Or use a little bit of olive oil on a cotton pad. 

.Don’t: Ever forget that exfoliation is invaluable. Once or twice a week you should be exfoliating your skin in order to remove the dead layers of the skin leaving room for more healthy skin that is brighter and glowing. You could even research the benefits of colloidal oatmeal for your skin that can be a wonderful exfoliating source. 

Sun And Your Skin

Do: Apply sunscreen even when it’s not hot it needs to be SPF of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Lifetime sun exposure can cause aging spots, wrinkles, and other skin problems, so it’s imperative that you protect your skin from the sun. 

Don’t: Skip the sun protection even when it’s cloudy out. If you’re heading to the beach or going near reflection surfaces like ice or snow, then you need to be protecting your skin ideally with an SPF of at least 30.

What You Eat Counts 

Do: Try to keep an eye on what you put on your plate. You should be eating greens, fresh fruits, sufficient protein, and consuming enough vitamins. A diet that is rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar help to promote radiant skin. Consider adopting a low-sugar diet, this can help you to keep insulin levels down, which allows calls to maintain a naturally healthy balance. 

Don’t: Consume too many spicy and fermented foods, citrus fruits, salt, or, fried foods. Instead eat a few blander foods like apple sauce, oatmeal, and rice. 

Sweat It Out!

Do: Exercise on a regular basis. Jogging, running, and yoga will give your body better blood circulation, and accelerate the cleansing process of your whole body. You will notice that your face is glowing after a workout. If you’re short for time though, just go for a really quick walk around the block. 

Don’t: Forget to look after your skin before and after a workout. You should apply toner to help reduce the effects of oil production before you set off. You should then exfoliate afterward and apply some moisturizer. 

Plenty Of Sleep

Do: It’s recommended that adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, therefore you should aim to achieve this. If you don’t get enough rest, just like you do, your skin gets tired. 

Don’t: Forget to wash and moisturize your face before you get some shut-eye. 

Drink Plenty Of Water 

Do: Drink plenty of water. H2O is your best friend when it comes to getting lovely clear skin. You should have at least eight glasses of the good stuff each day. If you struggle to drink water make sure you eat plenty of water-rich foods like cucumber, watermelon, orange, grapefruit, strawberries, and cantaloupe melon. 

Don’t: Forget to learn about Rosewater and it’s benefits. It helps to reduce and prevent puffiness of the eyes in the morning, naturally hydrates your skin, and maintains it’s pH balance. 

Say Goodbye To Acne

Do: Always wash your face with warm water, at least three times a day. Gently massage your face in circular motions, and ensure that any cleaner you use contains alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid. If you want to use a face pack aim to use one that has Multani mitti in it, these work really well to prevent acne. Always pat dry your skin and ensure the towels and face cloths that you are using are clean. 

Don’t: Ever pop your pimples. It can lead to swelling, scarring, and redness. If you feel like a pimple is on its way clean the area with some rosewater and place a cold green tea bag on the area for ten minutes. If you wear sunglasses or regular glasses, make sure you are cleaning them regularly. They can be a cause of acne around your eyes and nose. 

Make Everyday A Spa Day 

Do: Have a skincare regime that you follow on a daily basis. If you want to make sure you have glowing skin, you can’t really afford to slip on your routine. Although sometimes it’s unavoidable for a day or two, make sure you get back on track as soon as you can. 

Don’t: Forget to pamper yourself once in a while. Giving yourself gentle face massage with oils can work wonders for your skin and your well-being. Depending on your skin type choose face masks, moisturizers, and cleansers to suit. You should also think about seeing a dermatologist if you have particularly bad skin after following the tips above. 

 Follow Healthy Habits

Do: Remember to take time out for just you. And try to avoid stress as much as you can. You may have noticed that if you have a particularly stressful time you seem to have more breakouts and bad skin? This is because stress leads to your body producing cortisol and other hormones, this makes your skin more oily. Try practicing stress management techniques and breathing exercises. It could be a good idea to try some exercises like meditation and yoga. If you want to radiate, meditate. 

Don’t: Neglect your facial muscle and jawline. Take five minutes out of your day to complete a few facial exercises. Just out your lower lip so that you see wrinkles on your chin and then lower it to your chest. Another great exercise that works great for your skin is to look up towards the ceiling and then pout. It works by stretching out the muscles in your face and making them firmer. 

On top of all of this, your skin is nothing without a smile, so never forget to be a smile and love the skin that you are in. Everyone is beautiful and everyone looks beautiful. Smiling can be a great way to make you happier and make you feel more yourself. Which works wonders to improve you ability to follow the tips above. 

Is there anything that you do to look after your skin to keep is naturally healthy and glowing? Or do you struggle with your skin? Please share some of your techniques and advice in the comments section below. 

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  1. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to use sunscreen every day, even when it’s winter outside or it’s quite cloudy. Sun exposure is bad for the skin and can even cause skin cancer. It should especially not be neglected if you have any scars on your face, for example, after plastic surgery or post-acne. According to this source, UV rays can damage them and make them more visible.

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