Sick Child with Breathing Issues
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How To Deal With Your Child’s Asthma

Sick Child with Breathing Issues
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Having a daughter with asthma is really sickening. Seeing her gasping for breath is truly heart wrenching. My daughter is now 12 years old. The doctor said she might have got it through her genes. She has been dreadfully suffering from it for about 2 years now. That’s why for the past 2 years too, I’ve been keeping an eye on her.

What I usually do is that first, I make sure she’s getting the proper nutrition and exercise.

I should be able to let her eat fruits reach in vitamin C every morning. I don’t let her take junk foods. Also, every morning, we walk around our village. I think it is a very good thing for kids who have asthma. Yes, I may not be a doctor but I think exercising every morning is a great way to stretch our lungs.

Secondly, I am requiring her to stay away from people who are smoking.

This is generally bad for her and for people suffering from asthma. One of the main factors people get asthma is due to the pollutants like smoke coming from cigarette, vehicles and others so I make sure she’s wearing her mask when she’s on the street. Thirdly, I see to it she is taking her supplements and other medicines so that we can control some seizures like wheezing. Lastly, I browsed the Internet for discount coupons that could really lighten my expenses on my daughter’s medicines. I came across this site that talks About Singulair Coupons. I grabbed the opportunity and luckily, I was able to avail of the great discounts for my daughter’s asthma medicines.

This kind of measures is really essential and helpful. I’m just so happy that my daughter’s last attack was 5 months ago. One tip I could give to the parents out there who have children with asthma is to never take for granted the little things like coughing and sneezing because that may just be symptoms of a big problem. We should always be vigilant- constantly vigilant. Yes, asthma is deadly but with proper management I’m sure me and my daughter can still do what the other kids can do.

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