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Divorce with Children

This is a guest post written by Eugene Aronsky

Newly divorced, watching your children peer out the front window for their father to pick them up for the weekend can be tough.

It’s even tougher to watch them run to the window, bending the blinds, to peek if dad hasn’t arrived yet! Getting used to trading off time with the kids can be really hard, and not just on the upkeep of your window shades and your new found expense of window cleaning because you’re little ones new habit of peeking out the window looking for dad every time they hear a car outside!

Counseling or focus groups

There are many great ways to cope with divorce with your new spare time, being the kids will be away to visits their dad often. Counseling and focus groups for your children and/or you is ideal while getting used to the new transition of divorce and shared parenting. If the children are adjusting to the new terms fine but the new transition has only been difficult for you, find time for counseling or focus groups for yourself exclusively. There are great focus groups and counseling sessions that could help children and/or the parent get used to the changes divorce brings about.

Find a new hobby

If you’re fine with the divorce and you’re only struggling with the time spent away from your kids there are other options available for you. Don’t sit at home to sulk away precious time. Find a new hobby or look into hobbies that you used spend time with and lost sight of due to marriage and children. Hobbies you can get involved with while the kids are away can be something like writing, rock climbing, cooking, exercise, knitting, spending time with friends, painting… the list goes on and on.

Spend time finding the woman that has been lost because of time focused running a household.

We often lose sight of ourselves meeting family member’s needs. Focus on their needs, but while the children are away with dad focus on you. We discussed finding a hobby, finding a focus group, and consoling. These steps are a great start to a new beginning.

Eugene Aronsky is an SEO specialist with NetLZ, an SEO services firm in New Jersey. Eugene is currently a writer for the Short Hills Community Blog.

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  1. You’ve made some great points in your post. I’ll share something that my wife held firm to when her with her ex is not to let the children play the mommy said or daddy said I could do this or have this. My wife and her ex would always call each other and ask did you say they could have that. Soon they didn’t even bother playing that game.


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