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Choosing a Yoga Holiday

With yoga becoming an increasingly mainstream way to spend your free time, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive with many different companies offering packages to resorts that offer some form of Yoga activities. You may want to find a place that specialises in yoga so what you need to be looking for is that they understand the quite particular requirements of the yoga holiday goer. So in light of a few failed holidays I have constructed a small list of things to consider when you are booking your yoga holiday.

Know what you want

A yoga holiday would generally offer a couple hours of Yoga every couple of days but generally the main focus of the holiday will be to relax and have fun on the beach with many other activities available to you.

A yoga retreat on the other hand will be focused a lot more on the Yoga, where the schedule for yoga will be a lot more intense and would most likely include scheduled time for meditation and other self reflection practices. The retreat will often feature a lot more serious yoga practitioners where the atmosphere will match this.

Be clear

Make sure you articulate clearly what the requirements of your holiday are, are you planning to go primarily for the yoga or for the beach. Understand how much yoga you want to be taking part in everyday and consider how deeply you want to get involved as there are some subtle differences between yoga holidays and yoga retreats.

Speak to the Co-ordinator

If you are looking for a serious yoga retreat, make sure you try to make contact with the teacher of the yoga classes and tell them about the level you are comfortable with and to check their credentials. This will help you find out whether this particular retreat is the perfect fit for you.

You should ask the teacher as many questions as you can including who they learnt from? How long have they been practising? What qualifications do they have and any other questions you can think to ask them, more often than not they will be more than happy to share with you their acumen and accomplishments, if they don’t, that is when the alarm bells should start ringing and maybe you should find someone else.

Understand the need of your partner

If you are going with someone else, make sure they understand what the yoga retreat will entail and how serious they will have to take it, there will not be too much time to relax between the seemingly high regimented itinerary. Maybe it’s not perfect for that first holiday with a boyfriend, unless of course you happened to meet on a yoga weekend.

Just know what you are paying for and you will in no doubt get exactly what you are after, the reward for experiencing a yoga retreat is that you will come back fitter, more self composed and with some new poses to show your yoga classmates.

Andy is a freelance copywriter and practiced his yoga at the Shanti Maurice Mauritius and is a frequent visitor of Spa Resorts and Hotels around the world. If you want any advice ask him on his twitter @andym23

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  1. I love this site so much. I went on a Yoga Holiday and it was terrible, I have been in contact with the nice people at sanctuary spa hotels and booked my next holiday to one indian spa resort. They really know what they are talking about thank you andy and karla

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