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How Oil Pulling Can Clean Your Teeth

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Have you been hearing all the wonderful benefits you can get by using a technique called oil pulling for your teeth? If you have, and you are curious about using this method to help improve your oral health then you may be wondering exactly how it works and how you can go about doing it.

There have been many studies done on the effectiveness of oil pulling and the common consensus is that it does have a positive effect on your dental health. Here are some tips and how you can get started using oil pulling.

What Exactly is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling involves using oil to pull bacteria from between your teeth and out of your mouth.

The oil that you place in your mouth will be pulled between your teeth and it will be spread all around your mouth. 

You will need to keep the oil in your mouth for a specific length of time. Oil pulling not only removes bacteria from your mouth it also stimulates saliva production as well. 

How Oil Pulling Is Done?

Oil pulling is not difficult to do. The process is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is select an oil of your choice, take some into your mouth, and swish it around for at least twenty minutes. 

The oil will become milky and very thin. Once the twenty minutes have passed you should spit out the oil from your mouth. You are never to swallow the oil because it is loaded with bacteria. 

You may be wondering if there is a specific oil that you should use for oil pulling. The answer is that there is no specific type of oil that you should use. However, coconut oil is the most popular, and studies have shown that it is very effective. 

Does It Really Work?

If you’re still skeptical about whether oil pulling works or not, it should be a comfort to know that many studies have been done asking the same questions that you probably have. 

Many of them have concluded that oil pulling does in fact pull bacteria from your mouth and can improve your dental and overall health.

While oil pulling is an effective way of improving your oral health it is not a substitute for visiting being your dentist. Make sure you visit the Center for Contemporary Dentistry at least twice per year so that your dentist can do proper cleaning and fillings as needed.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Oil pulling is just one of many things that you should be doing to take care of your teeth. Do not neglect to brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash whenever it’s necessary.

You should also try to use fluoride toothpaste whenever you clean your teeth as it has been proven to help to prevent tooth decay. Ensure that you visit your dentist at least twice per year so that your oral health will never be compromised.

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