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How Much Do Our Surroundings, Affect Our Happiness?

You can only keep the influence of your surroundings at bay for so long before it consumes you. Or at least, this is one of the mainstream ways of thinking about the environment we live in and work in. Why does the question of ‘do our surroundings affect who we are?’ intrigue us even to this day? With more and more people working from home now, we have to ask, does our home feel connected to us? Does the neighborhood or countryside suit our personality? Does our normal workspace feel natural? It’s time to see what kind of differences there are between these types of environments and how they make us feel.

Of the city or country?

Many people will admit that they could never live in a city. They would hate to be surrounded by buildings, roads, cars, and millions of people. By this same token, someone born and bred in the city could never live in the country. They would hate the big open fields, where there’s nothing to do but walk around and hear the occasional bah from a sheep. So how important is this to us? 

Are you from the city or country? Wherever you spend your free time is so valuable. You spend one-third of your life working, another third sleeping and the rest is up to you. So, if you like big open spaces where you are connected with wildlife and nature, consider moving to the country. If you yearn to be surrounded by cafes, comedy halls, theaters, and skyscrapers, make sure you have a plan to retire in a city.

Your working environment

Working in a very loud environment is quite normal these days. Whether you work in an aggressive trading brokerage in Manhattan, a financial services firm in London, or perhaps a manufacturing facility in Japan, your work environment is probably loud. Or at least, louder than previous eras, but not quite as harsh as the Industrial Revolution. But because we have better medicine and health care, we say to ourselves that we can afford such harsh treatment to our hearing. But what if you develop tinnitus? Is this permanent or is it simply temporary? The truth is, it can be both. If you have worked in a loud working environment for years and years, it could be permanent. If you have had an injury to your ear or head at a production plant, it could also be permanent. But luckily, most of the time it can be fixed with a reduction in stress, healthier dieting, and more exercise.

Working from home?

At no other point in time, as the home office held such a prominent position in society. Millions of people are working from home due to lockdown. So ask yourself, do you like your home office setup and design? If you wince when you walk into the room, change your decor to fit your taste. If you don’t like the view out of your window, consider moving the office into another room.

Our surroundings have a big impact on our mental health and physical well being. It’s time we cared more about our one-third of life that’s spent working. 

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