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Wake Up And Smile! Look Happy And Feel Happy

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There is a lot to frown about at the moment. We’re living under strict stay at home restrictions, the whole world is at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us are facing financial difficulties. During hard times like this, it can be tough to feel happy, and we might start neglecting the way we look – be honest if you are working from home how much time have you spent getting ready for the day ahead? Happiness is vital, and if we don’t make an effort to boost our moods, then we could end up struggling to deal with the situations around us. 

Happiness isn’t about the way we look, however taking the time to prepare ourselves for the day gives us a few quiet moments to focus on ourselves. It also feels much better when you are dressed and looking your best. Small things like this can change the way we feel about the day and how we interact with other people. 

A healthy morning routine is essential to get the day off with a smile. Instead of putting on the news and listening to the latest updates on current affairs, why not put your favourite music on and lift your spirits as you prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Spend this time thinking about yourself and anything you may like to do, which could help keep you happy throughout the day.

It is an excellent time to ask yourself if you are happy with how you look, maybe you’ve not been drinking enough water, and you’ve noticed your skin getting dull. Perhaps you notice that your teeth aren’t looking as white as they used to. Work out what you could do to make you feel more confident then go downstairs and set your mind on fixing that. You could find a dentist that does teeth whitening, check out the testimonials and then book yourself an appointment. Or maybe you could set yourself the goal of drinking more water and keeping a routine, so you don’t get hydrated. 

Another great idea you may wish to explore to gain greater mental clarity is a tarot reading, as it’s such an interesting and inspiring way to express your emotions and expectations for the future. There’s so much history behind the concept of tarot cards, so there’s a large amount of research to be done to fully understand how to utilise the practice. However, gaining such clarity and guidance through the use of tarot might just be the ideal way to put a smile on your face through ultimate peace of mind. There are many professional tarot readers both online and in person that can offer further guidance during your time of need, so don’t be afraid to dig around for a respected spiritualist that can support you sufficiently. Each card can be perceived in a different way, too, so you may equally wish to keep your tarot reading personal. 

Even adding something like a quick daily workout to your schedule can completely transform your day, as exercise provides the mind and body with a boost of serotonin that will encourage you to feel positive and full of energy! Whether you decide to take part in a yoga session, running group or any other kind of sports class, you’ll benefit from an improved mood in no time at all. It can be tricky to try and motivate yourself to get up and go, but once you are able to get into a kind of routine it should be super easier to carry on your with your newfound positive habits.

Little changes like this can have a positive effect on your day and will make you feel constructive. 

Once you are up, dressed and cracking on with your daily routine, don’t forget to take some time to stop and do something you love. Focussing on a hobby is as good for the soul as meditating. It will clear your mind of any anxieties, distract you from your stresses and make you feel happy from within. This will radiate out to the people you come into contact with and will give you a more positive experience with anyone you come into contact with. 

Happiness is infectious, and if you feel it, then you will spread it. If we need anything right now, a happiness pandemic is it! Appreciate everything you have, make changes where you would like and smile at everyone who comes to see you. Chances are they will smile back too, and that action will grow into laughter. 

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