DYI-Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day cards at Zazzle
Father’s day cards at Zazzle

Let’s not forget our Father’s. Father’s Day is June 16th and what better way for our kids to show them they are loved then some homemade gifts. Not only is it personal but budget friendly.  I think I will be working on some of these with my son. That way he can color them and add his own flavor to them. Homemade cards make the best gifts.

Dad Photo Frame

Cut out large letters of the word Dad. Make sure they are large enough because you want to hollow out the middle of the D’s and the A’.  Pick out 3 photos you would like to display. Center them behind the letters and glue. Cut 2 triangle pieces out of heavier paper or cardboard. Take the top of the triangle piece and fold it over and glue to the back of the frame as legs.

Photo or art magnets Supplies
Photographs of family members, flat backed clear marbles, round magnets, white craft glue, scissors
Choose photos that have family members smiling and their faces will fit inside the marble. Place the marble onto the photo to gauge size. This is great for using snapshots that don’t have very good framing or are otherwise not frame worthy.
Once you have decided on a photo, place marble over face and trace around with a pen. Cut the face out inside the trace line. Use your finger to smear a thin layer of white glue onto the flat back of the marble.
Press the marble gently down onto the cut out photo face. Allow to dry. 6. Glue a magnet to the back and let dry.

If you don’t want to use photos the kids can draw a picture or saying and those would make excellent magnets.

Mouse Pad

Craft foam,Non-skid “feet” or drawer liners (something to keep the mouse pad from slipping on the desk),
Markers, Scissors

Cut out the craft foam in the shape of the mouse pad you would like – square, square with rounded corners, round (we used a paper plate as a template), football shaped, etc. Use your imagination!
Stick the non-skid feet on the bottom of the mouse pad.
Use the markers to decorate the top of the mouse pad however you would like. Kids hand prints are always a hit and some scribbling from a toddler is always fun!

Treasure each day you have with your father. Mine is gone but I have so many fond memories that they make me smile everyday. I appreciate all he has done for me and what he did to set me up for a successful live. I love you dad!

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  1. Hi Karla!

    Fathers are such an important part of our lives! I love the idea of homemade gifts and we have made them often in the past. My children are all teens or older now, but they still make “homemade” gifts, such as wonderful photos and videos that they take or wallets that they make by hand or a wonderful dinner.

    Thanks for these wonderful suggestions! I’m glad I had a chance to come visit on your blog!

    Mentor Mama

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