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GH Cretors Popcorn {Review + Giveaway}

healthy popcorn snackIn any weight loss journey most know having a healthy popcorn snack is a must.  I can eat it by the truck loads. One thing that always stops me is the unwanted husk things that get stuck in the back of my throat. Folks I think I found a popcorn that reduces that issue.

GH Cretors has a history in popcorn dating back to 1885. Using all natural ingredients, their popcorn is free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.  GH Cretors uses non GMO ingredients (genetically modified organism) and is totally gluten free and kosher. Their specially made caramel corn is the highlight of the bunch. It is made with brown rice syrup rather than corn syrup giving the caramel corn a wonderful crisp sweetness and unlike refined sugars, brown rice syrup has a low glycemic value, which mean those watching their blood sugar can still enjoy this treat.

GH Cretors makes a variety of awesome flavors. Just the Cheese Corn, Just the Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, Chicago Mix, and Caramel Nut Crunch. Check with your local grocer to see if they carry it but never fear if they don't, you can order it online.  I was thrilled to get a sample of all these flavors to review.

My Thoughts

OMGosh are these ever go good. I am and always will be a cheese popcorn girl. So it too me like two seconds to rip open the bag of Just the Cheese package. These perfect small round ball so of popcorn were smooth, silky, and full of cheese flavor. Most cheese popcorn I have tried is really flaky but the cheese was like butter. Needless to say it didn't last long. Thank goodness my husband isn't a cheese guy.

My husband loved the caramel corn. While I am not a huge fan because it sticks to my teeth but I can really tell a difference in the taste which I think it was that brown rice syrup they use.  My son loved the kettle corn. Me I could have use a tad more salt on it, but then I salt ham people, it had a really good taste for the little of it I actually got to eat.

The Chicago Mix was a new one for me. Little ole' me in Iowa has never heard of this before. Caramel and cheese together. Well it had me at cheese. It was an oddly good combination.  While I am not a huge fan of caramel corn I manage to eat this bag to the end. The caramel nut crunch was the last one I tired but it was a bit disappointing. While it packed an awesome caramel taste I felt it lack on the nut aspect. I dumped the whole bag out thinking they might be at the bottom to which I found mostly pieces. I think I had only 2 almonds in the bag. But when I did have the nuts and the caramel corn together the flavor was explosive.

GH Cretors does get two thumbs up from my entire family. I am super excited that Costco sells it. Why you ask? Because I can buy LARGE qualities of it.

The Giveaway

GH Cretors is giving one lucky reader a sample pack of their popcorn. Cheese heads this is a must!  Open to US Residents only and ends 4/3/12. Good Luck!

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