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Getting Out And Getting Fit At The Same Time

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When it comes to achieving whole-body wellness, the body needs more than just a balanced, healthy diet, and enough physical activity. We are not designed to spend all of our time sitting between four walls. Aside from denying us the vitamin D our body needs, being kept inside can increase your stress levels, as well. If you need a break into the great outdoors, here are a few super healthy ways to get it.


Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure you enjoy the sheer bounty of nature while also getting the cardio workout that you need, there are plenty of hiking trails in national parks all throughout the land that can help challenge individuals of any fitness levels. Be sure to take the time to research those routes before you head out there, of course. You don’t want to end up on a trail that’s going to push you much further than you’re ready to handle.


When it comes to pure cardio, there are a few exercises that can get you blood pumping quite as effectively as hopping on a bike and getting out there. Cycling apps can help you track your results and progress over time, as well. You can check out how much you cycle throughout the week, as well as how you perform on certain routes compared to both yourself and others, allowing you to keep tracking goals as you go.


It might seem like it involves a lot more standing around than getting active, but even beginners can benefit physically from a morning of fishing. With fishing kits for beginners, anyone can get out there and work their main muscle groups. Fishing has also been shown to give your heart and lungs a good workout and to improve your stamina in general. After all, once you catch something, you might be surprised how much work you have to do to keep it.

Long-distance running

You don’t necessarily have to hit the hillier terrains to get a lot out of your outdoor excursions. Even if you’re sticking to more civilized areas than hiking usually hits, you can sign up for marathons and other long-distance running events. Their ability to improve your overall stamina shouldn’t be underestimated. However, they don’t quite accommodate people of all fitness levels, you’re likely to need to do some training in preparation for long-distance runs.

Sand running

Another exercise that involves using your feet and legs to run or walk. However, while this is another cardio exercise, the big difference between running in sand and long-distance running or hiking is the strength training that’s involved, as well. The sand adds an extra level of resistance, meaning that your legs, calves, and core and get a lot stronger by adapting to and producing the force needed to keep you moving on this terrain.

With the suggestions above, you can get that outdoor time your body needs while taking care of your overall fitness needs as well. So, get up and get out there!

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