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Fruit: The Healthy Gift

Looking for a great gift idea?

Why not give fruit to that friend or family member? Fruit is a sweet and delicious treat. Not only will they enjoy your fruit as snacks or part of a meal – but they will benefit overall from your modern day healthy gift.

Today people are more concerned with health than ever before.

Obesity is on the rise and many are looking for great ways to eat healthy. While some turn to low calorie snacks – fruit is one of the most natural and original low calorie snacks that has been available since the beginning of time. It is so easy to enjoy a piece of fruit. Full of natural sugar, high in fiber and most are so portable – you can enjoy fruit just about anytime and anywhere.

Fruit makes a beautiful presentation and a lovely gift.

 Most of the time when you give fruit as a gift it comes in a basket, box or on a platter. The companies that you buy fruit from know how to present fruit well so it is a treat not only to eat it but also to open it. Best of all, this fruit is packed carefully and gently so your friend and family member can enjoy every bite. There’s no worry about bruised or damaged fruit. You’ll know that every piece of fruit will arrive in excellent condition.

One of our favorite things about giving fruit as a modern day healthy gift is that you have so many choices. You can select classic and popular fruits such as oranges, pears or apples. Or try more exotic fruits like kiwi or passion fruit. No matter your choice in fruit, it is easy to see that your gift of fruit will be very popular. There’s nothing like fresh fruit cut up into your cereal or eaten with your lunch as a healthy treat. Fresh orchard grown fruit is an indulgence each of us can enjoy – and your gift of fruit lets your loved ones treat themselves in a healthy way.

It is disappointing that so many of the ways you can treat yourself today are unhealthy choices.

Overeating, eating the wrong foods, drinking alcohol and overspending are just a few of the poor choices people make when they want to “treat” themselves. Buying fresh fruit as a treat is a positive, healthy choice that any loved one will appreciate – whether they are 6, 16 or 96. This gift of fresh fruit can be enjoyed often for a week or two – so they will smile knowing you have given them something sweet and thoughtful.

The best thing about giving fresh fruit as a healthy gift choice is you can encourage your loved ones to eat more fruit. Eating fruit is one of the best healthy choices you can make to improve your diet. Choosing fruit instead of candy or other indulgent treats is much better for you – and your wonderful gift of fruit will tempt them to enjoy sweet and juicy fruit even more!

Kent Allen runs several recipe websites, and writes about food, cooking, gifts and recipes regularly. He loves to try new fruits and fruit products. Recently he has been sampling and buying great Asian pear gift boxesfrom

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