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Four BlackBerry Apps For Family Planning & Pregnancy

pregnancy appsAre you planning on starting a family? For some couples, sex just isn’t enough to get pregnant. Additional factors — that may seem strange — can come into play when planning to grow your family. From relaxing after intercourse to keeping the cell phone away from testicles and avoiding soy foods, many things can improve chances of conception. Besides a preconception appointment with an OB-GYN and leading a healthy lifestyle, getting to know your cycle is among the top ways to speed up pregnancy.

The Bryce family experienced four years of infertility, and after downloading five apps related to “getting pregnant,” the couple conceived two months later, according to Mashable. The app was a menstrual calendar that highlighted Lena Bryce’s most fertile day. She even gave birth on the app-predicted date.

Rather than look for signs of ovulation, track it easily with a period app for your BlackBerry. Your smartphone is an amazing tool to help you keep on the path to possible pregnancy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the situation, just let your smartphone take some of the stress off your shoulders. You’ll never have to second-guess with the following apps.

Woman Calendar

Woman Calendar is a natural family planning tool with an ovulation calendar. Store, organize and analyze information about ovulation and safe, natural family planning. By using the simple calendar-style interface, you can enter health data, including menstruation dates and symptoms, such as temperature and mucus discharge. Based upon your personal data, you can predict future days of ovulation and even ranges of abnormal cycles.

Period Calendar

By downloading the free Period Calculator app, understanding your period won’t be foreign feminine territory. Rely on your period calculator to know when it’s about to start so you’re never surprised. With its easy-to-use functioning and professional-quality display, you can track ovulation and fertility. According to BlackBerry World, you can also use the period calendar to record “symptoms, moods, intercourse, weight, temperature, notes or pills.” This app can also come into play during your travels abroad. The calendar offers a simple way to keep tabs on your pregnancy in the midst of stressful travel, and allows you to ensure your HCCMIS coverage is still active in case of any complications within the first 26 weeks. View the monthly calendar to determine future period dates as well as predicted ovulation and the eight-day “fertile window.” Since you’re trying, you can even select the mode “want to be mom” for more customized tracking.

Ovulation Days

Count on Ovulation Days for color-coding your fertile and non-fertile periods in a calendar format. As your conception companion, this app will custom-generate your personal fertility calendar based on the calculated ovulation time. With Ovulation Days, you can understand your menstruation and fertility with graphical representations, project possible conceive dates and add reminder notes shown in the calendar application.

Pregnancy Tracker With Pregnancy Diet

Now that your period and ovulation app helped you get pregnant, you can track the progress of your pregnancy with the comprehensive Pregnancy Tracker tool. Throughout the 40 weeks, refer to this app week-by-week for pregnancy information and care. By checking your pregnancy’s progress, you can be assured that the baby’s growth is on schedule and changes are healthily on time. Track your weekly diet and plan and receive alerts about your baby’s growth. You can even send e-card birth announcements to family and friends through email BBM and Facebook.

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