Top 3 Internet Features to Keep You Safer On the Go

internetsecurityWhen you’re browsing the Internet, you’re always at risk of having your personal information stolen or downloading a virus. These risks are just part of the territory, like car accidents are part of driving, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go online. Good Internet features keep you safer from these potential problems, and you should look for an Internet provider that’s offers these features.

Here are three of the top Internet features to keep you safer while you’re browsing the Internet at home and on the go.

Parental Controls

If you have children in your household or even if you simply want to avoid websites that could be dangerous, you can set up parental controls to block certain websites. Parental controls allow you to filter websites by URL or topic, monitor the risk of social networking your children or teens do, and be alerted when they are in contact with strangers. Of course, children can always find inventive ways to get around parental controls, so it’s important to discuss risks with your children so they know that the Internet isn’t always a safe place. You might be surprised at how aware they already are of the risks, with today’s emphasis on teaching children to be smart with their technology use.

Internet Security Controls

Some people worry about downloading a virus on any site. While most sites are safe, it only takes one misguided search result or click on a strange email link to get a virus or worm on your computer. Internet security allows you to browse without worrying about email threats, hacked websites, and losing your personal information. Find out more about Time Warner if you’re looking for an example of a good anti-virus program included by an ISP. Any ISP you choose should include a free anti-virus program like they do, preferably by a reputable company like McAfee. This program can scan your incoming emails, perform weekly checks on your computer, and monitor downloads.

Wireless Hot Spots

When you’re trying to connect to random Internet wireless networks, you’re at risk of losing personal information. Some networks are legitimate, but others can be monitored by unsavory characters who monitor data sent over these networks to steal login information, banking and credit card numbers, and so on. If your ISP is savvy, they will include some wireless hot spot access with their plan. This ensures you will always have a safe place to connect when you’re on the go.

The risks of browsing the Internet can never be completely avoided, but there’s no reason to be reckless. When you’re looking for your next Internet service provider, make sure they include these security features to keep you and your family safe. It doesn’t do any good to be careful about which sites you browse if you receive a virus by email, and being careful about giving out personal information doesn’t matter if your child is communicating with a stranger. The risks of the Internet can be minimized by proper use of these security tools.


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