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Exercising During Winter

Winter ExercisesCold air and cold weather will not only make you wear warm heavy clothing but can also affect your motivation and can have a serious impact on your daily workout schedule. Here are some tips that will help protect your body when you want to do some outdoor exercising when the temperature is not that friendly.

Dress in layers

A common mistake of those who train outside during the winter is that they put too many clothes on. During the training, you will become increasingly hot, you will sweat and then you will feel cold. The solution is to dress in layers so that, as you warm up, you can take off clothes until you reach a comfortable temperature.

It is highly recommended to wear directly on the skin a thin shirt made of a synthetic material such as polypropylene, which will not remain wet on your skin in case of sweating. Don’t wear cotton!

On top of the shirt add a wool sweater and a waterproof jacket. It is also important to wear a scarf that will the protect lungs from the cold air.

Protect your hands, feet and ears

At low temperatures, hands and feet are at risk of frostbite due to the slowdown of the blood flow, so a pair of extra socks, gloves and a headband or cap is required for outdoor sports. Also, try to move your fingers as much as possible to improve circulation.

Avoid dehydration

Even though you won’t feel it as much as during the summer, your body will lose massive amounts of water during winter trainings. 1% of body water lost during exercise cause a performance decrease by 10%, so make sure you drink enough water before, during and after exercise.

Use a sunscreen cream

It is very easy to get sunburns during winter, especially if you practice a sport on snow or at high altitude. Three mandatory requirements, even in winter, are sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 lip balm and a pair of sunglasses. Snow reflected UV and wind that can cause “eye of snow”, a condition that can last even 2-3 days.

Winter is not a reason to give up sports, but nether a reason to put your body under a lot of stress , so try to follow these simple tips and stay in shape even during the cold season.

This is a guest post by Claire. Claire is a part time blogger, owner and editor of the Brazilian Wax Headquarters. When she is not blogging she enjoys exercising, riding her mountain bike or hanging out with her friends.

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