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A friend of mine was talking about cross stitching and it reminded me how much I love it. I have been cross stitching for YEARS.  I think I started when I was in junior high school. I have made cross stitch pillows, towels, and full blown pictures.


One thing I used to do every year was make a cross stitch ornament for all the girl gifts. I am really not sure why I stopped doing that. I have saved every ornament pattern I have done so I can do them again sometime. Doing a cross stitch picture makes an excellent gift and it's made with love.


How do you get your patterns? Do you buy books, magazines, or look online? I normally buy kits because I don't have to worry about buying all the materials. However, I used to collect magazines with patterns in them. One of my favorite magazines is The Cross Stitcher.



I have this fantastic tote box I keep all my patterns in. How do you keep organized? I am pretty anal when it comes to my cross stitching. I need to make sure I have everything before starting a project. I also have a neat little yarn organizer. Don't forget a highlighter. Why you ask? Well when I get a huge pattern that I know will take awhile to do, I photocopy the pattern and use the highlighter to keep track of where I am and what I have done.  Cleaver right?


I did some searching and thought I would give you a few websites that have free patterns and projects

These were just a few top sites listed. Do you know of a good site? Please share. Would love to hear your tips and stitches.

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4 thoughts on “Cross Stitching

  1. Oh I am so glad I got your excited about it again. I too think I am going to looking in my organizer and see what I have to finish. It relaxes me until I make a mistake. LOL

  2. I love to cross stitch! I was actually cleaning out the hall closet looking for something completely UNRELATED and came across my yard organizer and was thinking about trying to find the time to get back into it. And I use a highlighter too!

    I also stumbled on a 1/2 (ok, maybe a 1/3) completed project that I’ve lost the pattern to… I think I need to do some online research to find it and you’ve re-inspired me to begin the hunt!

    I also have a computer program I purchased a while back that allows me to convert a photo into a pattern but I haven’t used it yet… it’s still shrink wrapped LOL! Time to re-invigorate the passion 🙂
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  4. I love to cross stitch as well, but I haven't done it in years. I keep moving around to different art projects. Reading this is making me want to dust off my cross stitch kits.

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