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Can You Lose Belly Fat by Just Dieting?

Everyone who wants to learn how to lose belly fat is always wondering if you can do it with dieting alone? Not many people want to exercise or they may not even have the time for exercising. The answer to this question may depend on the person. There are many different factors that will affect whether you will lose weight and how long it may take you to reach your targets. Some of those factors are if you are only dieting, if you exercise, your metabolism, your age, your body mass index, genes, medications, and whether you are ill or healthy. Let’s examine each of these factors.


Dieting alone will help you lose more fat inside your body but it will not help you lose weight on the surface. Although the scale may say you have lost weight, your body may not show the same. When losing weight, the weight will usually come off from the last place it started appearing. So if you started gaining weight in your stomach first and then the weight started coming on the rest of your body, your legs, etc., then the weight will more than likely come off your legs and the rest of your body before it comes off your stomach.

Exercise is still the King

Exercising will help you lose weight, even if it is only a couple of days a week. Exercising helps in multiple ways. The more energy that you put into exercising, the higher your metabolism rises, causing you to lose more pounds. The more you exercise, the more you sweat, causing your body to burn more calories. Are we seeing a pattern here? That the more you exercise the more weight you can lose. Just remember you won’t see instant results, it will take time.

Metabolism is important

Some people with lower metabolism may have to exercise, along with diet, in order to lose their belly fat. Those people with higher metabolism may have an easier time losing belly fat by only dieting and not exercising. Even if it is easier for those with higher metabolism, exercising at least some days along with dieting is going to be the best way to lose weight.

Age does matter

Age can play its role on how you lose weight and how much weight you may lose. The older you are the harder it may be because as you age your metabolism lowers and your body may have held that weight longer. This causes your body to take more work in order to shed those extra pounds.


Your weight may be determined by your genes. For some people it is just plain hard to lose weight and you may notice this is the same for some of your family members. In this case, it may be better to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Current health condition

Whether you are ill or healthy and taking medications or not may play a role on how easy or hard it is for you get slimmer. The healthier you are the easier it may be to lose weight by just dieting alone. If you are ill or take medications this makes it harder and more difficult to get good results.

It needs to be understood that all bodies are different and all weight on different people is lost and gained differently. There are many different factors when trying to lose weight including but not limited to dieting, exercise, metabolism, age, body mass index, and genes.

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