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Body shapes

There are different body shapes that determine on which region of the body one accumulates larger portion of the fat. People who have more weight around their middles are known to have an apple shaped body. People who have more weight around their hip region are known to have a pear shaped body. There are others who gain weight along chest and hip region in an equal proportion and are known to have bell shaped body. Among these body shapes, one that is more towards health risks is apple shaped body. Apple shapes have bigger waistline and develop cardio vascular diseases and diabetes over the period of time.

Starch is an important part of our diet and we should not neglect it even when trying to lose weight.

Try consuming a wholegrain form of starch such as whole meal, whole grain bread and cereals etc. Why whole grain starch? The answer is simple. Whole grains contain a larger portion of fiber. Fiber helps in losing weight by giving a feeling of a full stomach when it is not full. It also digests slowly reducing our desire of more food. So, we eat less comparatively.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

It has been studied that a person should eat five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. These are the best sources of vitamins and minerals necessary for correct functioning of our body. These minerals are also good for your teeth whitening and teeth and gum’s strength. Remember, potatoes do not come under the heading of ‘vegetables’ as they are starch food. Fruits and vegetables help in losing weight as they boost up the metabolism process and does not contain any fat in them. Always try to consume them raw or slightly cooked where cooking or heating is unavoidable. Prolonged cooking or over heating destroys all the necessary vitamins and minerals in them.

Meat contains fat

Consume fish for getting the required protein content avoiding the unnecessary fat content. What is unnecessary fat content? It is the portion of saturated or poly saturated fatty acids. White fish such as cod, tuna, haddock are non oily and are good when you are trying to lose weight, yet keeping up your requirement of fat and protein as well.

Stay away from sugar.

 Sugar is high in calories and increases body weight. It is present in all types of desserts, cakes, biscuits and cookies. Carbonated drinks and other artificial fruit juices also have sugar in them. Avoid using saturated fat. Use unsaturated fat instead that is present in avocados, vegetable oil, olive oil etc.

This is a guest post from Imran Ali
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