Harriet Beamer Takes The Bus Book Review

I love a good book. There is nothing like relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee and dive into a book. I love the adventures and try to put myself into each book I read. Over the years my taste for books have changed a lot. I really think that has to do with being a parent now. I find that with my movie choices as well. It's weird. Sure I still love a good horror book but I love a good chicklit book. I have also become a fan of Christian books with my favorites being authors Terri Blackstock and Dee Henderson.

About the Author:

Joyce Magnin is the author of five novels, including the popular and quirky Bright’s Pond series and the middle grade novel “Carrying Mason.” She is a writing instructor and frequent conference speaker. Joyce lives in Pennsylvania with her son, Adam, and their crazy cat, Mango, who likes to eat nachos.


Aging and widowed Harriet Beamer insists she’s getting along fine with her dog Humphrey in Philadelphia … until she falls for the fourth time, injuring her ankle and causing her son and daughter-in-law to cry foul. He daughter insists she come to California so he packs up her huge salt and pepper shaker collection and gets ready to leave the only like she has known.

One thing, she will only take public transport or other transport other than an airplane. Follow along while Harriet rides a bus, motorcycle, train, and taxi. On her journey she realizes that God has a different plan for her.

My Thoughts

What a concept. Take public transport from east coast to west coast. Harriet is a fiesty old lady that can hold her own. Meeting different people in all walks of life really help Harriet helped her in her journey.  This book also has a secondary story about Harriet's daughter and son-in-law. Their life struggles with miscarriages, career, and of course the worry about Harriett. God has a plan and it's a funny tale. I can't wait to see what or where Harriet will go next or the better question how will she get there.

Grab your copy of  Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus. Released today, April 24, 2012.

Disclosure: This book was supplied to me from Shelton Interactive for review. All opinion are my own and honest.




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