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Bloggers Unite- Brandy’s Battle

S.O.S A fellow blogger needs our help. Brandy, aka stitchbade, just found out that she  might have ovarian cancer and if thatBrandy's Battle isn’t bad enough, she has no insurance. The system has failed her and she has been turned away. She has a volleyball size mass that needs removed NOW.  She won’t know if it’s cancer until she has the surgery and they do a biposy. If it is cancer the longer it’s there the more likely it could spread. I pray it isn’t. She currently has $12,000 in bills and that is without the surgery.


She is unable to get state assistance in Texas because they make  more than$700 per month. This is just insane.  What family of 5 can live off $700 a month? I pay so much for my insurance that I don’t use it half the time. These insurance companies are making a butt load of money off people why can’t they pay it forward and give back.  The hospital told  her what she had and then had to leave. Are you kidding me? This woman is in need of assistance like pronto and they just showed her the door.

There has got to be someplace out there that can help her. A doctor that can do it pro bono, something, anything. We have to save this mother of 3. If the health care system is going to fail her, bloggers must until to help her. I know you may not know her, I don’t know her all that well, but I know she has 3 kids that depend on her and are her world. Let’s unit to help her.

Here is how you can help

You can send moneydirectly to Brandy via paypal
You can buy from one of my affiliate on my featured product. All money that is made goes to Brandy.
Check out Brandy’s Battle Auction and start bidding on items when it goes live.
Prayers are always needed.

If you have anything you would like to donate for the auction please contact me.

If you are on twitter please call out for help and make people aware of this wonderful person in need. Use the hashtag #brandysbattle. It’s up to use to say this blogger/mother/friend/daughter/wife.

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2 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite- Brandy’s Battle

  1. Thanks Jessica that is what it was meant to be that they do make $700+ so they CAN NOT get state assistance. I realize that she doesn’t know for sure if she has the cancer and I hope it itsn’t

  2. Just an FYI some of your facts are way off. She does not make $700 a month. That is the income limit to receive indigent care in the state of Texas. She also does not know if it is ovarian cancer until she has the surgery. The only way to find out if a tumor is cancerous is to have it biopsied, after removal. I am glad you are trying to help out tho. She is a wonderful person.
    .-= Jessica @ Riding with Jessica´s last blog ..Helping For Brandy’s Battle =-.

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