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Be Positive To Be Successful

We often listen to a phrase “Be positive!” in our day to day life. Being positive or, in other words, thinking positively refers to a state of mind; a state, in which our minds think about the expected results or favorable output. It is a behavior of our brains.

Expecting good always is its positive behavior.

 And, when, our brain works in a positive manner, it assures happiness, contentment and joy. Exclusive Positive thinking is not good always. One should consider all the risky factors involved in a situation too, so as to think about some contingency plan to combat the risk factors before time.

Positive thinking does not mean one should ignore the bad sides of a scenario.

One should not be ignorant, but be prepared for every result that might come out. People often consider positive thinking being the key to success. A successful person is always positive in his manners, attitude, and thoughts, which gives him happiness and deep satisfaction.  Positive thinking also helps in minimizing the symptoms of depression in most of the people.

We often read a statement that positive thinking is contagious.

 In everyday life, we meet various people with varying attitudes and behavior. If a person is positive in it, we grasp his positivity and see the world positively too. But, if the person is depressed, worried, thinking negatively or pessimist, he makes us pessimist too. Being positive does not at all means that one should think positively and leave the rest on time or fate. You must put in all efforts to ensure your success or to realize your positive thoughts.

This is what we call the positive attitude towards life.

Life is not a bed of roses. There comes the times when one knows that the results won’t be in his favor. Yet thinking that everything would be as expected is making a fool out of one’s own self. But in those unfavorable conditions, if one does not lose hope, determination, strength to fight back, courage to stand and face the failures is a positive attitude towards unfavorable situations. This positive behavior, then, ultimately leads to success again.

No single man lives without dreams.

Every person has some goals and dreams in his life. And not every person is lucky to fulfill his goals or desires. What makes a man successful in attaining the set goals? The answer is again positive attitude. One should be very much sure that he has to achieve the goal. Then you should have a clear image of what your goal actually is. The person should be confident that he ‘can’ achieve the goal and should not be worried about the failure.

But at the same time he should prepare himself to fight against every obstacle that might come his way. Having all this, the person should maintain this attitude throughout the course of time until he succeeds. History tells us that the nations which do their jobs while enjoying it are always successful ones. And the nations which took their goals as a burden are always lagging behind. Strong mental affirmations make the physical tasks easier and one enjoys the physical hardships and is never tired or fed up.

We only need to remember that great minds have purposes, little minds have wishes.

Little minds are subdued by misfortunes; great minds rise above them. The mind plays a vital role in achieving the goals and getting success. This is also known as the mind power. Mind power includes time to time affirmations that one can do it and won’t lose. It also includes the course of actions which should be taken in order to attain your goals. People have big and small dreams. Small dreams are usually fulfilled by a one step process. Big dreams can be attained by dividing them into small dreams and then gradually attaining those small dreams which ultimately lead to the success of fulfilling the big dream.

It is also studied that there is a direct relation between tension free mind and good health. For instance, the happier mood and positive thinking can decrease your acne issue, so positive thinking and happy mood can be a best acne treatment for you.

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  2. I absolutely agree with your article. Being positive in life comes with the good output. In order to achieve your goal in life, you should not be worried about the failures you encounter in life because a lot of failures you might encounter. in that way you will become successful in fulfilling your dreams.
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