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Learn Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a very important attitude that gains at being learned and maintained.

It requires the capacity to control the mind. That is the basis of a process that eventually will lead you on the path of tranquility. The process must be learnt with determination and attention. To develop the attitude of controlling the mind requires willingness. Sustaining the practice will reach fabulous results in a short time provided the practice is regular. What happens with thoughts, is often that we tend to identify ourselves with them and in this case we give them more value than necessary. The process of identifying with the thoughts, then creates memory which in turn will nurture thoughts and possibly generate sufferings.

 Lets take the example of a loss.

 The thought of it will generate a fear and if we identify ourselves with the fear we become fear ourselves. Then this emotion of fear become very strong through the force of the ego which eventually gets a boost of energy. The result of the process of identification with the fear is the creation of a package of neurotic memory. The cycle of fear and neurosis is created. Every time an instant of weakness occurs the memory of fear takes over and the being gets entangled in a chain of negative thoughts.

The ego is an important agent in the process of consciousness.

 The process of positive thinking is engaged once the ability of observing and detaching from the thoughts becomes regular and tensions created from identification with the thoughts is neutralised. In other words this means that the ego, the central spot of identification detaches itself from the thoughts and become observer. The process of observing is a process of consciousness. The observer is not the thought. As a result the observer is not engaged in the tension of the thought.

Learn positive thinking

To learn positive thinking is equal to learn to become the observer of the thoughts, a process of controlling the mind that is essential to maintain tranquility and peace of mind. The function of detachment is an important aspect to conduct a tranquil life. The problem with thoughts is that they come and install themselves in the mind as though we had called them. The trigger of a process of positive thinking and the rule to keep it that way is to consider the mind only as an organ part of a system and not as an entity in itself detached from the rest.

Try to let it go and give a rest to the flow of thoughts for the sake of the peace of your mind.

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7 thoughts on “Learn Positive Thinking

  1. The power of positive thinking is greatly underestimated imho. As a little girl I encounter significant hardship and for some reason (I was too young to consciously choose this) I chose to get through these difficult times by thinking positively. It helped me have enough energy to battle what was facing me. I have since used it many many times. As a matter of fact, every time I face an issue to which I do not have the solution I revert back to my early days. I force myself to approach the problem positively. In my experience it helps tremendously to find the solution you are looking for, without wasting energy on things that don’t help you overcome your problem.
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  3. Great post Karla. I liked your comment “The process must be learnt with determination and attention.” That’s it because it’s not an easy process. What would you rather do work on your thoughts or keep on doing the same thing over and over again with the same results?

    Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry´s last blog post ..Bible Origination

  4. Hi Karla,
    Thanks for the post. Our thoughts are very important, they can control who and what we do. It is better to stay in the positive, the cup 1/2 full at all times. Life is not easy but we can work at keeping it positive and move forward.
    rebecca russell´s last blog post ..UNEMPLOYMENT OR NETWORK MARKETING

  5. Hello Karla,

    Love your blog and post on Positive thinking. I am a strong believer of “The Secret.” So this is definitely my cup of tea. I love the outline of what happens to our thought from identifying to nurturing to generating. Please keep feeding me your knowledge. Will be back very soon.

    Have a good one,

  6. Keeping our minds on track is essential to be able to move forward in any aspect of our lives. In order to do that we need to spend time making sure that our minds are on the right path.
    When problems and suffering happens we tend to allow our feelings to overwhelm us and that’s the toughest time to keep our minds positive. It’s in the toughest times that we need to spend the most time putting our minds back into the right thinking. Unfortunately we have a hard time doing that because of our feelings during the difficult moments. But somehow we need to really try and do just that.
    All the best,
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