A Very Veggie Easter Collection DVD Review

easterVTWe are such a VeggieTale loving house. I just love the meaning of each movie we watch. This Easter collection is no different.


A Very Veggie Easter Collection contains 2 popular Easter DVDs “Twas the Night Before Easter” and “An Easter Carol.” Additionally, this set includes 2 popular CDs – “A Very Veggie Easter” and “Hosanna!” This is a perfect gift to include in any Easter basket this year!

My Review

Inspired by Dickens’ Christmas classic, this very special VeggieTales film explains why millions  around the world celebrate Easter past, present and future. There is always great messages in each and every VeggieTales DVD.  Cooper is 5 now and can fully understand what the meaning of Easter is. The daycare he goes to is also in a church so it helps he gets bible stories about the holidays.

Of course Larry was the highlight of the movie. Cooper kept asking where was his super suit. I told him the bunny had special powers as well. I can certainly see this movie being a highlight in the house until Easter.

Don’t miss out. Hop on over to Amazon today and grab a copy for your kiddos basket.


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  1. You know I see these around but I have never yet watched an episode or movie. My kids have never even seen these. Guess kids love it.

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