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7 Simple Ways To Update Your Look

There’s something about the start of a new year or the change of seasons that makes everyone desire significant transformation, especially when it comes to the way that they look. As we approach fall, many people will be looking at how they will shift their look for the autumn and winter seasons. You do not have to shave your hair off, lose lots of weight or blow your budget at the mall on a whole new wardrobe to give yourself a new look. Here, we look at seven simple ways that you can update your look.


1. Try a different parting in your hair

Have you been parting your hair in the same manner for as long as you can remember? Most of us learn to do it one way and stick to it forever.   Experimenting with a new look is as simple as switching your hair to the opposite side of your head. A small tweak can add new volume to the roots and change how the front parts shape your face. Adjusting your parting is a great way to get your long hair out of a slump without compromising on the length.

2. Change your hair color

If you want something a little more drastic, but again do not want to lose the length, dying your hair can be a great way of giving yourself a whole new look. Whether you are thinking about coloring your hair ash brown or are going for something really bold and bright, it can be fun to change up your hair color now and then, and if you hate it, it is not all that difficult to go back to the original color in most cases.

3. Use a different eye pencil color

You are stick in the rut of using black or brown kohl or eye pencil, change it up. A deep blue is a great alternative – subtle enough for everyday use and great for adding depth, but also just different enough to make you look different. Avoid the bright blues and pale blues (unless you want the bold and bright 80’s look) and stick to navy and indigo for a sophisticated smudge of color. 

4.Get the salon blow out look at home

Velcro rollers may have been used by you or your mom decades ago, but they are making a well-deserved comeback. These iconic styling tools are the simplest way to achieve the look of a professional blowout without spending a fortune. They are also a great way to add a bit of volume and life to your hair on days when you do not want to wash it.

5. Reach for the red lipstick

Do not be put off by its boldness; red is one of the most uniformly wearable lipstick colors, and it is a classic way to add impact and old school glamour to your look.

Reds with more blue undertones are generally more flattering on all skin tones, and they also make your teeth appear whiter. Choosing a red lipstick is similar to selecting a great piece of jewelry—you should go for the one that immediately appeals to you.

6. Switch your accessories

Accessories are unappreciated. If you have a limited wardrobe budget, they are usually the first items to be cut from your shopping list. However, the real secret to a whole new look on a tight budget is to switch out your accessories. You may not realize it, but they can make a massive yet subtle difference. Do not go to the expense of buying a brand new winter coat, but buy a new scarf and gloves set that perfectly complement or contrast with the color. A silk scarf can make even a plain shirt look completely different and brooches and cute jewelry can change up a boring corporate look. 

7. Treat yourself to some new underwear

If you are feeling down, here’s a tried-and-true secret weapon: Purchase a new set of underwear. Choose a camisole, bra, and briefs. They will feel great against your skin and if they fit well, they will make a massive difference to the way your clothes hang on your body. Knowing you look great under your clothes will give you confidence and make you look great, whatever you are wearing. 

Changing the way that you look does not have to involve a lot of money or any permanent, major changes. It can be the simplest and smallest of details that can make the biggest of differences to the way that you look and feel. 

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