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11 Ways To Feel Better When You’re Not 100%


If you’re having an ‘off’ day, you might be wondering how you can snap out of your funk. Sometimes, trying to ‘snap out of it’ is futile. You can’t always control what’s going on inside of you, and sometimes, it’s better to go with the flow and do what you think your body needs, rather than trying to go against it. ‘Snap out of it’ is a fairly toxic thing that people say when they think they are trying to help, but mental health is far more complex than that.  

Take A Mental Health Day

If you can, consider taking a mental health day. Weigh up the plants you had and figure out whether you are able to cancel or move them, or simply ask for a day off work. Many business owners are now becoming more savvy in terms of mental health, and understand when their employees need a day off. Taking a mental health day can be a great way to give yourself a day of rest and care. 

Have A Chat With A Friend 

Sometimes, speaking with a friend is all we need to do to feel better in no time at all. See if you can give your friend a call or a facetime and catch up with them about various goings on. You don’t need to spend time talking about why you don’t feel 100% – you don’t even need to mention it if you don’t want to. Simply talking to your friend can have a big impact on your mood and help you to feel better regardless. 

Try To Smile

Smiling is likely the last thing you feel like doing right now, but you should stand in the mirror and give it a go. Smiling has a big impact on our mindset, so when we force ourselves to smile we can actually end up feeling happier. While you’re doing that, see if you can find things to be grateful for. Listing the things you’re grateful for each day can help you to change your mindset over time and really appreciate the life you’re living. 

 Have Some ‘You’ Time

Take some ‘You’ time whenever you can. Read a book, or simply do something nice for yourself. This could be ordering your favorite take out, watching a film you like, or putting on a nice outfit just because you want to feel good. You can do anything! Don’t judge yourself. 

Get A Little Exercise 

See if you can get a little exercise. Just 10 minutes can help to lift your spirits and get those endorphins pumping. Even a short walk outside can have a huge difference on your mood and outlook. You might be wondering when do seasonal allergies end if this is the reason for feeling down. Take this into account and see if you have any medicine before taking yourself outside. 

Take A Tech Detox 

We can get so bogged down by tech that it can be difficult to live in the real world. Could you take a tech detox? See how little you can use your phone each day, and try to spend minimal amounts of time on the computer and watching TV. Try to live in the real world, and enjoy things like reading books, doing puzzles, spending time with people, and caring for yourself. Tech detoxes can be tough, but they can have a big, positive impact on us over time. We can feel closer to nature and the people around us! 

Eat A Balanced Meal

See if you can make yourself a balanced meal full of vitamins and nutrients. Eat some fruits and vegetables, either with the meal or as a snack. Aim to fill your body full of nourishing, delicious foods. The foods we eat can have a bigger impact on how we feel than most of us realise. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and herbal tea, too! 

Write In A Journal 

Writing in a journal isn’t just an activity for teenage girls. It’s actually a great way to get your feelings out on paper, take an objective view of what’s going on, and notice patterns in your behaviour. However, you may not learn anything right away. You may need to write in your journal for a while before you can look back and spot patterns in your behaviour or your thinking. There are many ways to journal, so there’s always going to be a way that suits you: bullet journaling, stream of consciousness journaling, and so on. 

Put On An Uplifting Playlist 

Uplifting music can make us feel good in no time, so put on your favorite playlist. We often listen to music while we do other things – we rarely just listen to music to listen to it anymore. See if you can put some time aside to listen to an old favorite that you know will help you to feel better. Bonus points if you can use a record player and record for that nostalgic feel. 

Let It All Out 

You don’t need to hold it together. Crying can be extremely healthy, so if you feel like it, then do it! Letting out your tears can be a great stress release, and can also help you to process your emotions and work through them. Holding it in does nothing to benefit us, so make sure you find a private place to cry if you know certain people in your life won’t be understanding. 

Do Something Nice For Someone Else 

You might be surprised to learn that doing something nice for someone else can actually make us happier than doing something nice for ourselves! What can you do for another person today? Perhaps you could give some money to a homeless person, pay it forward with a cup of coffee, or give a stranger a compliment. It doesn’t need to cost money to be a good person who tries to make other people feel good. 

Hopefully, you can use the advice here to start feeling better – thanks for reading. 

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