Wine-Trax Glasses Review

winetraxI am not a huge wine drinker but there is a particular brand I do enjoy. Portion control is key on any healthy weight loss journey and this is where Wine-Trax come in. These portion control elegant looking wine glasses will tell you exactly how much your drinking without your guests being the wiser.

About Wine-Trax

Wine-Trax was created by Gail Curtis in 2008. She wanted to help others achieve their wellness goals by offering a common-sense approach to portion control which is discreet, effortless and elegant. In 2010 she expanded on this idea creating the Snack-Trax and Meal-Trax products.  She has a real passion for health and wellness and this is a dream of hers to help others.

My Review

All I had to say when I took these out of the box was WOW! These glasses are really elegant. You would never know the ring design on the glasses have meaning. You would think they were just the design (my hubby thought that).  Each ring on the glass represents how many ounces are in the glass.  From bottom to top, the rings represent 4, 6, or 8 ounces of wine.  If you really love your wine, go clear to the top rim for 11 ounces.

These are also dishwasher safe. That is great news for me as I hate doing dishes by hand. They say they are microwave safe as well but I don’t see me heating up my wine anytime soon. They are universal so I could see using them for beer and even a nice after dinner coffee.

I for one can not wait to add some more of these to my collection. I will for sure be adding this to my wish list.

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  1. These are very cool! I’m not a wine drinker but I have lots of family and friends who love win and always talk about how they think they are drinking to much for the healthy life style they are trying to live! I think I just found a Christmas or bday gift for each and everyone of them! THANK YOU!

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