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Must Have’s if We Must Workout

Working out- Yuck!

So I want to lose weight. Does that mean I need to workout too? Do I have to actually use that gym membership I have been paying for month after month? The thought of working out makes me all of a sudden tired. There are so many things that I have to do to prepare to even begin to workout that it exhausts me. I am not a skinny woman with all the energy.

The Music

Who can workout with the music? So I need to make sure the phone is change, the wireless headphones are charged, and a rockin playlist is ready to go! I prefer lots of 80’s hairbands to keep me pumped.

The Outfit

No ladies, come on we all know we still need to look good while going to the gym. So picking the right outfit so I don’t look extra fat and something that will keep the big ole ladies from flopping around. I have a few select tank tops to choose from and a nice sports bra is a must. You should check out Knix racerback sports bras. Sports bras need to not only be comfortable but breathable. I mean my ladies sweat like no other. Their breathable material and stretchy material makes these a great workout choice.


Get that water bottle ready folks! I am not a water drinker but when I workout you would have thought I was stranded in the desert for days. I drink it like crazy. I have a nice insulated bottle that keeps my water super cold. That is the only way I can drink it. So needless to say, I have a cabinet full of water bottles and a bit of an addiction to them.


So once my workout is over.. that is when the ibuprofen and ice packs come in handy. I have 2 bad knees that are complete fun haters. Now depending on what I did will depend on how long I am in pain. I generally do a combo of cardio and weights so I don’t overdue it.


So ladies if we must workout (yuck) be prepared with some good music, great sports bra, water, and a good recoupment plan. Come back here and let me know what your game plan is!


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