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How to Improve Your Relationship with a Better Diet and Exercise

You’ve seen it happen before: a couple that you know used to be totally in love, doing everything together and holding hands the whole time. They went to parties together, went shopping together and…even gained weight together. Then time kept moving forward but the relationship didn’t. 

Suddenly, one of them got very motivated and started going to the gym, eating healthy foods and getting new haircuts and clothes. While your initial reaction may be to praise this person for a lifestyle turnaround, it might also be a sign of suspicion that only one half of the couple found this sudden motivation.

It’s certainly not always the case, but sometimes when only one person in a relationship starts making positive lifestyle changes it may be that they are getting ready to make an even bigger life change: finding another partner. They’ve realized that they’re probably not going to attract anyone new in their present condition, so exercising and losing weight may be a way to get physically ready to move on.


What Is The Impact Of Neglecting Your Appearance In A Relationship?

Most people are initially drawn to their partner by some kind of physical attraction. We know that committed relationships should be based on the “insides” of a person—common values, trust, goals, and support, among other things. At the same time, people should not neglect the “outside” part. Though not the most important element in a relationship, it is still vital in maintaining emotional and physical attraction.

Neglect of your outward appearance can cause weight gain and depression. A naturally slowing metabolism is bound to add a few pounds here and there, but many people—and many couples—gain much more weight than a few pounds. If you have lost a desire for active play, you might also see some mental changes. People who rarely exercise or have poor diets have a greater tendency for depression, anxiety and stress.


How to Revive Your Relationship with Exercise and a Healthy Diet

  • Change of diet:If you gained weight with your spouse, gently suggest working together to lose the weight. Choose a diet together or find a way to make your meals more nutrient-focused with meaningful calories. Is a 200-calorie soda or an apple and peanut butter a better use of your calories?


  • Get help. Many couples are too embarrassed to seek help, but getting counseling from the right professionals can make a huge difference. Unlike marriage counseling, diet counseling does not have to be expensive. When it comes to dieting you can search the internet for ideas on how to prepare nutritious meals. There are a lot of dietitians who offer free advice on YouTube as well as examples of healthy, calorie-controlled meals.Alternatively, you can visit the sites of well-known diet organizations, like DiettoGo or BistroMD, and sign up to their home meal delivery programs.


  • Introduce physical activity into your lifestyle:Find an activity that you both enjoy and make time to do that activity as much as you can. Most physicians recommend a minimum 30 minutes of exercise at least five days per week. You can make this more fun (and feel like much less time) with an activity you and your partner enjoy. Try playing tennis or go for a bike ride. Enjoy a dance class or train for a race together.

You don’t necessarily have to exercise together. You can make your exercise time your personal time. You might find that exercising is a great way to spend quality “alone” time in a productive way. There’s no better place to daydream and get away from your stresses like a solo run or a yoga class.


Author Bio- Latasri makes available Bistro MD coupon for fitness, diet and weight loss conscious couples.  She is a relationship, health and wellness enthusiast who likes to share her views on diets like DiettoGo and BistroMD on her website   



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