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Think Health First, Weight Loss Second

After the winter months there are very few of us who don’t pile on the pounds.  We need an extra layer of fat to help us survive the cold season however when spring arrives a lot of us probably want to ditch it and start preparing for our summer bodies.

That is fine, but quite often we starve ourselves rotten when really all we need to do is readjust what we eat.  Our bodies tend to have a natural best which, providing we are taking enough exercise and eating the right foods, we will tend to sit at.  Before taking on a calorie restrictive diet or going crazy with a quick results diet fad why don’t you try to find a healthy balance in your daily diet and exercise routine.

First up, exercise is simple.  Even if you take just one brisk 30 minute walk a day you will get your heart pumping and you metabolism will rise.  However, if you want your metabolism to be raised for the duration of the day, you need to do some HIIT.  You can do that at a walking pace if you like.  Walk as fast as you can for 30 seconds then slow it back to a brisk pace for 3 minutes.  Repeat this throughout your whole walk.  As your fitness rises you can take it up a level, swap the brisk walk for a jog and then sprint for 30 seconds.

Diet is a little different.  If we start right at the beginning though you need to remove all processed and refined sugary foods.  Cut them out completely.  Bulk everything up with vegetables, eat clean proteins and plenty of fish.  Try to lower the amount of grain you eat but don’t exclude it completely, we’ll come to that later.  Whilst fruit is packed with vitamin C and very good for you, it is also full of sugar.  Although these sugars are natural, so the better kind, don’t go too over the top with your fruit intake.  Just include a regular amount in your daily diet.  Clean eating diets are best to follow.

You can level up by including supplements and superfoods.  Spirulina is a great supplement, it is a natural algae and contains 65% protein.  It also helps to detoxify your body so really good for supporting digestion.  Garcinia Cambogia pills use an extract from the tamarind fruit so are natural and safe to use.  They help increase weight loss and naturally increase your metabolism and help keep it high.  

Whilst some people suggest eliminating grain, we suggest you go for an ancient grain such as quinoa or freekeh.  These two superfoods are packed full of nutrients and vitamins and can help keep your gut healthy, working like a prebiotic.  They make you feel fuller for longer and are very low on the glycemic index which helps them to regulate your blood sugars.  So don’t rule them out.

If you improve the quality of your diet, the weight loss will come naturally and last a lifetime.  Stick at it and stop fad dieting!

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  1. I agree. Health first before you think of losing some weight. You don’t need to push yourself hard on losing weight if it will affect your health.

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