The Ultimate Guide To Move House Stress Free

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If you move enough times, you will begin to recognise a pattern in the procedure. There are the first days of anticipation when you’re acquiring moving boxes and packing materials and preparing yourself mentally for a few days of laborious effort. Then comes the challenging part, when you discover that what you once estimated would take ten minutes now takes thirty, and what you initially estimated would take an hour now only takes five.

Moving can be a huge hassle, from looking for a property to making an offer, packing, and then getting help and a van like from Allied Van Lines. We are aware that one of the most trying aspects of moving is actually getting everything you own from one area to another. Make moving day stress-free by following these top suggestions rather than getting overrun by cardboard boxes.

Early start on packing 

Even the most organised person can never anticipate all that has to be done, so begin packing well in advance of your move. This will not only save you from running out of bubble wrap on moving day, but it will also give you the chance to purge. That bubblegum bath set your niece gave you for your birthday, will you really ever use it?

Organised and selective packing 

Be not a hoarder. Think of the items you’ll need as soon as you move in before you begin to pack. Will you really use the snowboard or your complete Game of Thrones book collection when you’re moving into your new house, even though plates and glasses are essentials? These extra items can be packed up ahead of time or, better yet, placed in storage. Moving in with fewer boxes will relieve some of your tension and give you more time to put furniture where you want it and finish any small DIY projects that need to be done in your new house.

Create a list and label each box

When trying to keep track of all your belongings throughout the move, lists and labels, whether made by hand or stored on your phone, can be quite helpful. Use a permanent pen to give the boxes labels that are more detailed than just “kitchen” or “bedroom,” such as “cleaning supplies for the kitchen” or “winter clothing.” You may even share your to-do lists with housemates and lovers using some fantastic applications.


Although it may seem like the last thing you would want to do before moving, a thorough decluttering might actually be a beneficial thing at this time. You learn to appreciate what you have if you declutter every area of your house, including the loft, garage, and shed in addition to the rooms in the main house. You can actually decide if you still need something after seeing what you’ll be bringing into your new house. We sometimes lose sight of the things that are right in front of us, so a fresh start like a move tends to help us concentrate on what has to go.

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