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The Phone Numbers You Should Always Have On Speed Dial

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 Although modern smartphones can help us access almost any bit of information that we need, they do not always do it as quickly as we would like. For some situations, time is of the essence. In others, you simply want to make that phone call while you have the spare time, and not waste valuable minutes searching for a number. 

Here, we look at some numbers that you should always have stored in your phone for quick access so that you can get on with your day.


It has happened to many of us – we pull the front door behind us only to remember that our keys are on the hallway console with no way of getting them back. Or perhaps you did take them with you but have managed to lose them somewhere along the way. It is not fun, especially as it can be guaranteed to happen at a time when you desperate to use a bathroom and it can be an expensive error to sort, but a locksmith can help you regain access to your house quickly and easily. 

Audiologist and opticians

An audiologist deals with anything to do with the ears, and an optician is an eye specialist. Having the numbers for these offices to hand is important because, with many conditions to do with the ears and eyes, such as tinnitus and glaucoma, time can make all of the difference when it comes to treating it, managing it and identifying it.

Power outages

Depending on where you live, you may need to report power outages to either a central power board, the utility company or, in a minority of cases an emergency hotline. This is especially important if you are vulnerable and need your power restored as soon as possible.

Animal control 

Again, this is something that is dependent on your local area, but most regions have a local animal welfare officer. A report about an animal can be made anonymously but then the welfare animal officer is duty bound to inspect any aspects of animal cruelty or problems with animal control,

Insurance company

Whether it is your health insurance, car insurance, home insurance or [et insurance, having the numbers to hand means that if you are suddenly taken ill it injured, or are involved in an accident, you can get in touch with your insurance company as quickly and easily as possible. 


If you suddenly wake up to your boiler not working or your radiators pumping out water, you are going to wish you had a plumber on speed dial. These guys and gals can be out there quickly to sort out whatever pipe related problems you are having, but if you have not got their number, you could face a lengthy wait while you search for one.

This is just a snapshot of some of the important numbers to keep in your phone, on top of the usual doctors, dentists, schools and so on. Gp on. add them to your contacts now!

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