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Taking Care of Yourself When You’re Feeling Blue

Looking after yourself is crucial to living a healthy and long life. But, it’s something that so few of us make the time to do. We take our health for granted. We assume that it will look after itself. We stay up late, we don’t get enough exercise, we eat unhealthy foods, and we let our stresses build up. We neglect our physical and mental health, and we so often fail to take the time to look after ourselves.

This is often worse when we are feeling blue. Even those of us that try to lead healthy lives and make healthy choices can struggle if we’re not feeling our best. When we need to take care of ourselves the most, like when we need post abortion care, when we’re feeling depressed, when we are dealing with a stressful situation or when we’re particularly emotional, we find it harder than ever to give ourselves what we need to come out of the other side of our blues strong and healthy. Here are some ways that you can take care of yourself when you are feeling blue, and you don’t particularly want to.

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Let Yourself Wallow

When you are feeling down in the dumps, people will tell you to snap out of it, to smile and to leave your troubles behind. If you can do that, and leave them there, that’s fantastic. But, it’s not always what we really need. Often when we try to move on quickly, we’re just hiding from our issues. Sometimes, first, you need to allow yourself to be sad, to wallow in your emotions and be upset. Let yourself feel what you feel without trying to force yourself out of it.

Get Outdoors

When you’re sad, you can feel like you want to hide under your duvet and stay away from the world. While a little of this is fine, and rest is undoubtedly a good thing, getting outside also has its positives. Fresh air can make everything look better. Going for a short walk will boost your circulation, help you to sleep, improve your complexion and even your outlook. Being outdoors will give you a vitamin D boost too. Push yourself to get out as much as you can.

See Your Doctor

The blues and depression aren’t the same. We all have days when we feel down, sometimes for no real reason, and we all feel sad when sad things happen. Depression is more than this. If you start to feel like you are depressed, and it’s affecting your day to day life, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

Treat Yourself

Self-care means giving yourself what you need. When you are feeling blue, it’s crucial that you give yourself some attention. Have a hot bubble bath with a good book. Treat yourself to your favorite meal or have a takeout with your friends. Go shopping if you’ve got some spare cash and buy yourself something that you want. Even sitting on your own with your favorite hot drink and an easy to watch TV show can be a big help. Don’t feel guilty for taking this time, it’s what you need, and it will do you good.

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