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A Child’s Greatest Advantage – Learning with Technology



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Children today have much more access to technology than they did a generation ago, but many parents are on the fence as to whether this is good or bad. They fear that screen time takes away from active play and interpersonal development, but the truth is that technology goes a long way in helping boost kids' learning and development.

Concrete educational benefits

Many of the games, programs and apps that kids use build skills that will help them in their formal education. For example, many of the games kids are drawn to include elements of problem solving, which is a type of thinking they are much more likely to develop in game form than in traditional classrooms. Many kids also use technology to help with letter recognition and other early reading skills that they would not be as inclined to develop with books.

Active Learning

Many schools have been incorporating laptops and tablets into the classroom for use instead of or alongside traditional textbooks, and there's a good reason for that. Kids are more engaged in their learning when they're able to actively participate, and tablets are perfect for this. They allow kids to move through lessons at their own pace and see interactive media alongside the usual text. The technology also helps students stay focused and on task, whereas they may get bored with traditional lessons.

Wide Range of Apps

These days, there's an app for everything, and many of them are free. Even with just a few simple apps on a tablet, your kids can practice reading, play math games and build spatial skills with games that include moving parts. Select apps based on your child's interests and encourage learning and growth in the areas he's naturally inclined toward. Using apps almost always contributes positively to your child's learning and development.

Future Benefits

Technology isn't going anywhere, and early exposure to it helps give your kids a leg up when they get into school, and eventually enter the workforce. The skills your children learn through games and apps build their skill sets and prepare them for a future full of technology. Just as you may want to teach your child to recognize letters or to read before starting school, you also may want to teach him how to use a tablet. He'll likely be exposed to them in school, and the skills learned on today's technology will probably transfer well to technology of the future.

Builds Confidence

Kids love the satisfaction of a job well done, and the reward cycle involved in using technology is a simple one. Kids love earning stars or winning levels in their games, and because these things happen so regularly in apps designed for kids, they will be almost constantly rewarded. Mastering skills they need to succeed in using apps gives them the emotional boost of knowing that they're clever, and these build confidence that will spill over into other forms of learning.

With so many methods available to learn with technology, kids can almost always find at least a few educational programs or apps they enjoy. Although parents should not rely exclusively on technology for their kids' entertainment or education, using tablets, phones and computers builds important skills and increases knowledge. Technology is an integral element of education in the modern world, and chances are we are only going to see more of it in our daily lives in the coming years.



Fun in the Sun – Summer Activities for Kids


One of my favourite summer activities when I was a kid was pulling out a tarp, covering it with soap and water and seeing if we could slide all the way to the end. Summer is a great time to get the kids outside and active. The longer days and warm nights should be utilised and enjoyed! In the evenings, when the sun isn't as harsh, get the kids outside and get moving! There are some fantastic, cost-effective activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items around the yard and have the kids work together to find them. Place an emphasis on the team work! You can make it as easy or as hard as you like. You can also sneak in a few outdoor chores that they need to complete and hints or clues that will lead them to the items. Have a fun reward at the end – water balloons, an ice block or some craft stuff!

Get Dirty

Choose a patch in the yard and have the kids help you prepare it for a garden. Let them choose what they'd like to plant and get them involved in raising the seeds! They'll love the reward of eating something they've grown themselves!

Go For A Picnic

Let the kids choose the food (Fairy bread, cupcakes, sausage sandwiches) and have a kids/fairy/teddy bear picnic. Get them involved in making the food and let them choose where you go for your picnic

Turn On The Sprinklers

Let them run around under the sprinkler. Simple, cheap and the kids will be entertained for hours. Give them a few balloons and fill them up with water. Play catch, trying to make the balloon last as long as possible without bursting.


Did you ever jump from couch to couch, pretending that the floor was lava? Shark is similar, except outdoors. It's great for kids parties or family barbeques. Put hoola hoops or beach towels on the ground and choose one kid to be a shark. The hoola hoops act as a 'den' or 'haven' for the fish. When the shark calls "Fishie, fishie, fishie, cross my ocean" the fish have to find a new den without the shark catching them. If they're caught, they become a shark as well. The last fish remaining is the first shark in the next round.

Get Creative

Purchase some butchers paper and acryllic poster paint and lay it out on a tarp in the back yard. Let them walk through the paint, so their footprints create the artwork… use their imagination! They'll have a blast. Then get the hose out and they can have a water fight to get the paint off before they come in the house. 

There's hundreds of things for kids to do outside. The wetter, messier and dirtier – the better! Kids will love being able to run free with the hose. They have unbelievable imaginations if left to think of ways to entertain themselves! It's sad that increasingly sedentary lifestyles are seeing kids less able to entertain themselves. Unplug the TV and encourage them to think! They'll have more fun and I can guarantee they'll sleep well from all the exercise, too! Remember to keep up the fluids and sunprotection though! 

What were your favourite activies in the summer? Were you left to entertain yourself, but still found that you had a blast? 

Family Vacations


It is good family bonding when you can take family vacations and it would surely open you children’s eyes to a lot more of new knowledge and discovery. When you bring along your kids in your trips, this is not only a way of bringing them close to your heart but also through this, your child would definitely make him or her more aware about the world around him or her.

Well, when kids are with you, you need to be more prepared because, as we all know, they have special needs and we have to respond to such needs. I have come up with, what I think, is an essential list of thing that you may need for your entire family vacation.

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Goal Setting for Kids


One of the best ways to get children to feel grown up is to let them set goals. When they come to you asking for the next new game or toy ask them to work out a way to get it for themselves.

Ask your child to think of ways they can earn the money for the toy. If pocket money is not part of your parenting plan, perhaps you could work out a way for your child to earn credits or stars. This shows them that they have the power to achieve something they want. It teaches them that if they want something and are willing to work for it then they have a chance of getting it.

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Stressed Out Kids


Baseball practice, piano practice, dance class, after school activities, homework, family night, church activities! Are our kids doing too much? It’s an epidemic that is Stressed Out Kidssweeping through our homes. It’s about giving our kids what we never had growing up, but too much can be a bad thing.

When we too many extracurricular activities to our plates we miss out on some very valuable family moments. Not only that but stress is becoming more of an issue with kids.

If you want your child to participate in other activities, try limiting the number of extracurricular activities they are involved in. Let your child take the time to see which activities he really likes and stick with those. And please, don’t try to make the decisions for them just because it is something you did or always wanted to do.
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