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Stylish Ideas for Furnishing a Small Space

Furnishing a small space can be challenging, but it can also be an enjoyable experience. Modern furniture manufacturers are creating designs made specifically for small apartments, student housing, or other areas lacking in the average number of square feet. With just a few decorative ideas, a small space can be just as stylish as a more spacious area.

The first consideration when furnishing a small space is to create an illusion of a larger area. Incorporating some of the following ideas may be helpful:

• Use mirrors to reflect a window or painting on the other side of the room.
• Use console tables or half tables to take up less space.
• Purchase armless furniture such as couches and chairs.
• Rather than using a table with chairs, use bar stools that can slide out of the way or be stacked when not in use.
• Give the illusion of space with clear glass or acrylic furniture.
• Use curtains in stylish fabrics to replace doors between rooms.
• Use recessed lighting in darker areas to bring them out of the shadows.

One of the ways that manufacturers are trying to help those who are space deprived is through stackable furnishings.

 Consumers should be able to find stackable tables, chairs, shelves, and bookcases. It is also easy to find furniture that provides hidden storage capabilities. Consider using some of the following to make the most of the space available:
1. Use rolling ottomans that have a hinged lid for storage.
2. Use a cedar chest for a coffee table or lidded baskets for end tables.
3. Make new storage areas through the use of decorative folding screens.
4. Use stylish folding chairs for large groups that can be removed when not needed.
5. Consider furniture with drawers or bookcases with several shelves.
6. Incorporate multifunctional pieces such as a futon, a sofa bed, or a hutch with a pull-out desk.
7. Place baskets in areas that collect clutter easily, such as the front entrance, bathroom, and laundry room.

Living in a small space does not have to be cramped and inconvenient.

 With some research and a little planning, an undersized apartment can become a cozy, economical retreat. By focusing on what most people consider the minor qualities of a piece of furniture, people with less space than normal can really make a difference. Always be aware of the following features:
• Wheels for moving easily from one area of the room to another.
• Retractable doors that do not open out into a room.
• Tall bureaus and armoires, cabinets, and book shelves.
• Corner pieces to make use of these out-of-the-way spaces.
Patience is often the difference between a stylish place and one that is only functional. For a tiny space, one should take the time to choose each part of the décor and furnishings with extra care. If done well, visitors will rarely notice the small size but will be overwhelmed by the space saving ideas and delightful designs incorporated throughout it.

This is a guest post from Helen Pearson, who enjoys finding creative ways to furnish her home. You can find a selection of kitchen bar stools, that work well in small spaces, at

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  1. Another great way to make a small space – especially a loft with high ceilings – larger is by using a “hanging bed”. They utilize small spaces by mounting to the wall or ceiling instead of using bed frames which take up valuable floor space like traditional loft beds.

  2. Nice information Karla. I have some small spaces at home that could benefit form these tips. I had thought of mirrors but not of courtains to make the space look larger.
    Mario Miranda´s last blog post ..Ill Do It!

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