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Tackling the Storage Closet Without Losing Your Mind

storage closetAlthough freak snowstorms are always a possibility during the spring, the warmer weather trend is definitely upon us. For many people, this shift in seasons means it is time to tackle those spring cleaning and organizing projects that have been on to-do lists for months. Don’t let the projects get the best of you. Deal with projects in small chunks and get the job done. Here are some ways to break down daunting organization projects into smaller pieces.

Get rid of junk

When you open your storage closet, your first task is to get rid of anything you forgot you owned. Forgettable items are taking up precious storage space. Set aside a half hour to dig through anything you don’t see yourself using again. After a half hour, if you’re still digging through piles, schedule another half hour for the next day.

Purchase storage closet containers

Beat-up boxes are not going to keep your fragile items safe in a storage closet. Purchase specialized boxes for items like artificial Christmas trees, over-sized keepsakes and other precious breakables. In addition, procure big plastic tubs for the non-fragile items such as bedding, pillows and blankets.

Label storage containers

Do yourself a favor and take the time to label your storage containers. If the containers are opaque, you will need clear labels on each side. This easy organizational task will save you hours of having to open and close lid after lid searching for a specific item.

Sort one category at a time

Do not take everything out of your storage closet at one time. Set aside a block of time to tackle each category. For example, sort through holiday décor for half an hour and then proceed to the children’s art projects and keepsakes. Repackage the items you intend to keep into pre-labeled containers and set them all aside in a tidy stack.

Install adequate shelving

Once everything is out of your storage closet, packaged, labeled and stacked neatly, reexamine your storage situation. Spend some time installing shelving that will better fit the containers you will be utilizing. It is much easier to get something off the bottom shelf than it is to get something out from the bottom of a stack.

Put everything back in

By the time you are done organizing, you will be aching to get everything back into the storage space. But of course, you can save this task for another day so you can see your belongings with a fresh perspective.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take all spring. Break down your organization task into smaller, more manageable steps and you will feel a sense of accomplishment after each step!

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