5 Safest Places to in the United States to Settle

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Salem, Oregon

Choosing a place to settle with your family is a significant decision, not to be taken lightly. With these ideas, we can help in your search with this list of the best places to live. Check out these 5 safest places to live.

 Corvallis, Oregon

This one tops the list of the safest places to live. Corvallis has the lowest risk for natural disasters and because it is in the northwest, there are a limited number of tornadoes. Crime is also quite low, violent crime in this city is ranked below national average, and property crime is just a bit higher. Located just west of Corvallis is Mary’s Peak, a breathtaking place to take in the beauty of the view of exquisite city. This could be a great place for you and your kids to play and explore.

Bellevue, Washington

This city is just east of Seattle, and though earthquakes can occur on occasion, natural disasters are still very limited. Violent crime in this bustling city is lower than Corvallis and property crime is identical. Surrounded mostly by water, this city is a wonderful place to live if you are searching for a peaceful and quiet community.

Salem, Oregon

Another northwest city with great safety from natural disasters. Violent crime in Salem is below average and property crime is somewhat above. If you love to be immersed in history, this is an excellent city to settle in. Lose yourself in the eye-opening museums, and historical sites all within walking distance of each other, great for your inquisitive child.

Scottsdale, Arizona

This city is ranked at the top of the list for safety based on crime rates and population density. Natural disasters are more common, like, flash floods and earthquakes. Most flooding does not occur in the urban areas, and the earthquakes are typically weak but do however, take place. Surround yourself with the western culture in this city and take comfort in a quiet and friendly community. Scottsdale is full of adventures and magnificent views that you will never tire of.

Plano, Texas

This city is another one of the safest cities in regards to the crime rates. It is also home to that Texas culture and charm that welcomes and stays with you forever. Natural disasters such as tornadoes do occur here, however, most are not threatening. According to home builders in Knoxville, most houses nowadays are built to withstand such disasters. Texas is a great place to live for anyone who wants to get out of the cold and enjoy soothing warmth. Most who come to Texas never want to leave this state’s cultural atmosphere.

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