Special Announcement- Bond With Karla Changes

BWKSAKeeping Bond With Karla up and running on my own had taken more time than I am willing to put in at the moment. While I have loved the guest posts I have received, I will no longer be accepting guest posts. The site has gotten a bit away from it’s original concept.

I haven’t decided if I will revamp it or close it down. If I do keep it going, you may only see a post a few times a month.  Over the course of the next few week you may see posts leaving the site. I am trying to weed though that isn’t me.  If you have been a guest poster on my site and would like to take one of your articles elsewhere, please email me so I can make sure it is removed from the site.

I will miss the guest posts, as they were all brilliant, but I fell my readers don’t have a Bond With Karla anymore. So I want to get back to basics.  I do hope you understand and will remain on this ride with me.




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Karla Urwitz

As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love all things travel. I was in the hospitality business for 15 years and loved it. So why not become a travel agent. So I am trying to find my balance in life through being a parent to a teenager, my love of travel, and living the best life possible. Come join me on this bumpy journey of life.