Going Camping? Six Tips to Packing For Your Adventure

Camping CarCamping is a leisurely activity that can bring families and friends closer. It can be a retreat into the wild that can create lasting memories of the smell of a campfire and picturesque views. Don’t let that retreat into the wilderness become stressful without following these important tips.

Pack light

Camping is all about living simple and leaving cares of the day at home. An inventory sheet and weather report for the camping trip will give information on outfits to bring. Consider rolling clothes tightly into small backpacks for easy transportation and no wrinkling.

Food prep

Packing food into tight containers can keep food safe. However, disorganized food can result in poor trash and prep control during dinner. Consider placing single meals wrapped in food ready to go in ice and snacks in small individual bags to keep preparation simple. Bring plenty of food based on an inventory of meals.

Prepare for safety

Nothing ruins a camping trip like an accident. Create multiple first aid kits that are easy to access. One should be in a hiking backpack and another in the glove compartment. An easy trick for bug repellant is using a natural oil in a roller applicator in the pocket.

Pack shelter last

Make sure the tent and tarp material is packed in last since it will be the first thing to go up. A tent can be propped diagonally with folding lawn chairs in the trunk last to quickly setup site in case bad weather is on the horizon.

Utilize bike racks for storage

Additional hiking transportation can enhance a camping trip. Installing a bike rack on the vehicle can add room and functionality. Many bike rack models have the capacity to hold more than one bike on a trip. Bike racks can be on the front or rear. They can also be installed on the roof.

Prepare toiletries

Toiletries should not be shoved into spaces where they can be easily lost. Place travel sized portions of toiletries such as shower gel and soap in plastic sealable containers with each camper’s name on it for quick organization. These can then be placed in the hiking backpack for easy retrieval and setup. Rolls of toilet paper should be packed tightly in between rolled clothes for space and in plastic containers to keep from getting wet.


Using smart packing methods can make the entire camping trip more enjoyable and fun. It will also reduce the amount of preparation work needed to begin preparing meals and setting up the site.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Information credited to Hitch City Trailer Hitches, Toronto.

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