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Arts & Craft Show- Iowa State Fairgrounds {Sept 28-30, 2012}

This is Iowa's biggest craft show of the year. Callahan Promotions, Inc. Arts & Crafts Show. 300 talented exhibitors sell their finest handcrafts with thousands of unique creations. From knitted items to stain glass to beautiful painting, this is your  "Made in America" show.  I love homemade items so if you do too this is the show to go see.



  • September 28th 5pm-9pm
  • September 29th 9am-5pm
  • September 30th 10am-4pm


  • Iowa State Fairgrounds Varied Industires Building. Check out the map for directions.


  • Adult $6, Children 10 and under FREE
  • Keep your eyes out in the Des Moines Register. Every year they usually place and ad for a discount

I have been to this arts & craft show many many times. It's outstanding. I will say though if you have children, it might not be wise to take them. Only because if they are grabby, the isles are small and I would hate for you to pay for something expensive they knocked over. This is why hubby will be watching Cooper when we go. It also takes a few hours to go through.



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