Six Of The Best States For Raising A Family 

Six of the Best States for Raising a FamilyThere are a number of things people have to consider when they decide to start a family. One of those factors is where to settle down. People can be a great parents wherever they live, though there are some places that are better for raising children. Below are six of the best states for raising a family, and what they offer the American Family today.

New Jersey

One of the reasons New Jersey is a great state for raising children is because of its education system. Students in New Jersey score higher than the national average on standardized tests, and it is estimated that 85 percent of students in New Jersey graduate from high school on time. The national average is 76 percent. Additionally, New Jersey also has a very strong health care system and economy.


The prevalence of underage smoking and sex is much lower in Utah than other states. This is one of the reasons it is considered one of the best states to raise children and teens. If you are interested in living in this state, then you may want to talk to a Perry Homes home builder in Utah who can set you up near the mountains, lakes and rivers that offer endless nature and exercise opportunities for kids and adults alike.


Connecticut has a very strong economy today. This means more jobs and higher incomes for the people who live there. Having a stable job is essential for raising children. It’s no secret that children who live in poverty are less likely to get access to the health care and education they need.


Massachusetts is considered one of the best states for raising children because of its great education system as well. Eighty-three percent of students in Massachusetts graduate from high school, and sixty-eight percent of male students who graduate from high school go to college. Studies also reveal 81 percent of female students go to college after graduating from high school.


Many parents worry about the health of their children. However, Minnesota has an excellent healthcare system. There are many great hospitals and doctors in cities all over the state who can provide children with the care they need.


Maryland also has a great education system. It is estimated 85 percent of students in Maryland earn a high school diploma. This state also has a great economy, meaning you can have a better family budget.

Parents often think about their location when they decide to have a child. In fact, many parents relocate because they want to have the opportunity to give their child a better life. Maryland, Minnesota, Connecticut, New Jersey, Utah and Massachusetts are some of the best states for raising a family.


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