Family Gathering: How to Get the Perfect Pictures at Your Next Big Event   

Family Gathering How to Get the Perfect Pictures at Your Next Big EventFamily Gathering How to Get the Perfect Pictures at Your Next Big EventIf you’ve ever tried your hand at assuming the role of the photographer at family gatherings, then you probably know how difficult they can be to shoot. With so much activity, it can be a task just to gather all of your family members for pictures. With the right tips and pointers, you’ll have higher chances of coming away with great photos from your family gathering. These are just a few tips for grabbing those great, frame-worthy shots.

Use a Decent Camera

Many sources will imply that the photographer is the key to pulling off a great photo, but the truth of the matter is that the camera also greatly matters. If you don’t already have one, opt to use a DSLR camera. There are many affordable models from various manufacturers, and they can turn a mediocre scene into a fantastic one.

Help Your Family Prepare for the Shoot

Simply put, don’t bring your camera along and surprise your family with photos. Preparation is the key to producing wonderful photos. Notify the attendees that you’ll be taking photos beforehand, and encourage them to dress accordingly. Also, you should think about taking the time to help elders look their best by offering your assistance. Do everyone’s hair beforehand and make sure Aunt Polly has had her dental implants from Insero done before the big day.

Choose an Area with Great Lighting

Picture quality will depend heavily on the environment’s lighting. If the weather and time of day permits, you should always try to shoot outdoors. Indoor shots are bit more difficult due to lower, artificial lighting. It’s always recommended to use an area that features a strong light source.

Use Humor to Produce Genuine Smiles

One of the most popular problems photographers face with their clients is capturing their genuine smiles. For most people, it’s difficult to convincingly smile on command. If you have a knack for humor, try to joke around and have fun while shooting photos at the family gathering.

Go for Candid Shots

Not every photo has to be planned. Try to walk around unobtrusively and snap the wonderful moments that your family members are sharing together. This can be a bit more difficult than taking planned group photos. Set up the shot quickly and take the photo to preserve the candidness of the moment.

Take Lots of Photos

Lastly, don’t snap one photo every now and then. The key to taking great shots is snapping often. You’ll end up with a large batch that you’ll need to comb through after the family gathering, but you’ll be sure to find many shots worthy of plucking from the group.


Your next family event is sure to be a hit, and you can capture the memories for years to come. Set yourself up for a perfect picture by preparing a few days ahead. Hopefully everyone can get on board and produce the best family memories.


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