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The best place to eat… the best place to live… the best movie to see… everyone wants to be told what the best of everything is. Ever tell a friend “I am reading the best book right now!”? We all share our opinions, so why not turn your opinions into an income? Oftentimes, it’s the word-of-mouth recommendation that get people in theReview Blog door of their new favorite restaurant or shop for the first time. Making money by reviewing things online is a growing business, and one that really can pay off.

Blogging got its start in 1995, but has been growing faster and faster in the last few years. Blogs are easy to start due, in part, to the advances of free applications like and Google’s Even a complete beginner can implement their blog in less than an hour. Check out the guide at the end of this article to see how you can get started blogging for profit.

The skills needed for this type of business are pretty basic. Of course, you’ve probably already got a love of sharing your opinions if you’re still reading this article. You will need the ability to set up a good-looking blog, or have someone else do it for you. We also recommend that you have decent communication skills. Being able to string together interesting and well-written reviews will help you develop a readership for sure. If this sounds like you, then you have the skills needed to build a blog and start earning money for your reviews.

Companies know that consumer reviews are a powerful marketing tool to get the word out about their products and services. And now that you’re considering blogging reviews for money, I’m guessing that you’d like to know how you actually make money doing this.

Pay for Survey or Review: Some companies pay bloggers money for simply reviewing their products online. An example is which hooks up bloggers with companies that want their products reviewed. There are many more sites online like that one, some catering to different groups. It’s just one example of how you can be paid for reviews.

Pay for Research: There are also product reviews that may include trying an actual product for a period of time and then writing an honest review. Those can pay up to $75 for each review and you get to keep the product afterwards. From skin care lines to books and DVDs, you can have people lined up to send you great free products.

Pay for Ads: Selling advertisement on your blog is another way to earn money. Offer text ads, banner/graphic ad spots, as well as paid reviews to ensure that companies find a way to advertise on your site.

Your home-based review blogging business can start earning you some real money by simply expressing your opinion. By searching the possibilities online, you’ll have so many ideas for reviews and how to make money doing those reviews, that you won’t know where to start… or stop. You can share your opinion and start earning income with your review blog today.

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8 thoughts on “Make Money with a Review Blog

  1. Hi Karla,

    I had no idea that this concept existed ~ writing reviews for different products on your own blog. I appreciate you sharing & will keep this in mind for friends who might be interested in doing something like this to earn a little extra money. 🙂

    Christine Casey´s last blog post ..What is the Driving Force in Your Life

  2. I’ve done quite a bit of reviews myself, but do you find that companies/brands are truly paying for reviews? Outside of payperpost, the companies that have sent me products do not make it a habit of paying for the review.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts…
    Melanie (ModernMami)´s last blog post ..Build Them a House…

  3. I’ve mixed my reviews in with my main blog. And I reviews products that I am an affiliate for, so if it is a good review I keep getting paid.
    Debbie Lattuga´s last blog post ..Your Mess is Your Message

  4. I have yet to venture into reviews myself, but I know a lot of people who do it fulltime and they get good stuff to try.

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  6. I have the same experience with Melanie. I used to do a little bit of product reviews here and there out of curiosity but haven’t actually been compensated except with the actual product to review. I have made some posts for sponsored reviews and have actually been paid with cash. Doing product reviews is a lot of work and takes up time that’s why I stopped doing it because the “compensation” is not enough for the effort I’m putting out.

    Selling ad space works more for me though, but I just started this year so let’s see if it kicks off.
    Young And Fabulous´s last blog post ..My Hot Mom Of The Week- Laura Kelly-Pifer

  7. I’ve done product reviews on my blogs just because it gives me something to write about that I can be enthusiastic (or irritated, for a poor product!), and in either case, it is much easier, faster writing about a subject that I have a lot to say about, feel strongly about.

    It would be great to get paid for doing product reviews! However, I need to do it for cash (I’m furloughed from work for 6+ months), not for products. I review mostly technical items having to do with web-ware, some easy code applications software, lots of digital publishing, and PC peripherals, but also books and camping supplies. E.g. powdered eggs! Those have been my best received product reviews of all, so funny!

    Someone, @YoungAndFabulous (thanks!) mentioned sponsored reviews, as they are compensated in cash. How would you suggest I pursue that? Who or where might be a good starting contact point? Any help is much appreciated!
    Ellie K´s last blog post ..The Whole Cake and Caboodle- can we fix it

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