Reluctant Athlete? Five Sports That Will Help Your Kid Find Interest in Sports

kidskarateFinding the right sport for children to enjoy is a goal of most parents. However, not all children enjoy the usual team competitive sports such as baseball, basketball or football. If your child seems to shy away from the rough and tumble of competitive sports, try engaging him or her in some other activities that will still keep them physically fit and mentally engaged.


More “solo” sports like gymnastics can be appealing to kids who are not particularly drawn to team endeavors. Gymnastics offers kids a rigorous workout that provides plenty of activity for growing bodies. The competitive aspects of gymnastics can also offer opportunities for mental discipline and emotional growth. However, gymnastics always offer a chance to top one’s “personal best” which can be a particular attraction for many children.

Water Sports

Many children who don’t like traditional team sports love the water and benefit from water-based sports such as team swimming, diving, water polo and other activities. Community pools, YMCA’s and other venues are generally available to provide pool-based activities for kids. If you are not aware of these resources in your community, check for the availability of classes.

Martial Arts

Many a small boy who had no interest in team sports has been captivated by the mystery and skill of martial arts. These activities help to enhance the child’s sense of self-control, mastery of individual skills, conformity to rules, as well as using kids’ natural energy in disciplined ways such as kicks, chops, blocks and throws. A good martial arts program can teach all these skills in a safety-conscious manner and provide opportunities for competitive activities to improve emotional growth.


Skating offers many kids a skill that can be implemented in a variety of ways for fitness and personal fulfillment. Many boys go on to join hockey teams that provide the competitive exercise that many parents want for their sons. Girls often enjoy the dance aspects and athleticism of figure skating, which provides many opportunities for intensive training, competitive events and travel to other areas.


With the popularity of the Hunger Games books, many children have found a renewed interest in archery. Archery provides improvement of eye-hand coordination, balance, upper body strength and mental focus that is important to the growing body. Many community centers and public park systems offer archery training for children to help them learn the basics of the sport. Archery clubs hold competitions around the country for those who have achieved the highest levels of aptitude.

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